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camarok : I live in Melbourne and am finishing school soon, I would like to study law at university. I would love to study international law but I've been told that there are not many job opportunities and quite low salaries for international lawyers.

So I think that doing civil law would be better for me because I am kind of squimish and would not like dealing with murders, rapes and such.

What are the differences, which has more job opportunities and higher salaries, criminal or civil law.

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doorriels : Civil law.
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Cousevedsef : To be a lawyer in Australia you will need to first complete a law degree (ie bachelor of laws as an undergrad) which involves completing a wide range of compulsory subjects in many different areas of law including criminal and civil law areas. So if you want to be any sort of lawyer the first step would be to do a law degree, and then while doing it you can decide which area of law you have enjoyed studying the most so you can then try to get practical training/a career in that area once you finish.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that I wouldn't worry just yet about what type of lawyer to become because you will first need to study in all those different areas anyway as part of your degree and that will probably make it much easier to decide later on.
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viczont : You don't need to worry about it until you're getting your degree. You can see at that point how things are looking. You probably shouldn't make your choice based just on "more opportunities" and salaries regardless. You should pick what you like and what you're good at. Even if one area has fewer opportunities, if that's where you gravitate and have friends and things seem natural, that's what you should pursue. There are lots of people who go into an area chasing jobs or money and end up miserable, so it becomes a waste of time when they later quit or need to go into something else. If you're interested in international law, it doesn't hurt to look into it and take a course or two and see how things go. It might be something you do occasionally, or where you stumble into a good fit of a position over time. Or you might find it's useful for going into something like maritime law. Anyway, I'd worry about just going someplace to study law, period, before you worry about anything else.
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ForexSystem : It CLEARLY states in my rental contract: "TENANT shall pay for gas and electricty. OWNER shal pay water/sewer/city". We lived here since Oct 2012 and they have yet to pay for the above mentioned. The utilities bill is all together so after months of asking why they havent paid their half, I was told it was an accident for that clause to be in there and that the tenant is responsible for all utilities. They apologized and offered to send us a new contract after already living here for 6 months now. I told her we dont mind paying but made it known that they breached their contract. We've been looking for a new place since then but to be safe should I get a lawyer to make sure we dont get penalized for breaking lease early?
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jiniaSown : If you broke the lease, the landlord would have to take you to court to have you evicted. The same goes for you. If the landlord breaks the lease, you have to take him to court to have the lease broken without penalty. You can NOT just declare the lease invalid on your own.
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Kamrikdijro : I have a friend who's 22, and lives in Illinois. He was caught in Illinois (and not Chicago) with an ounce of weed, and they also charged him with "Intent to deliver". All the weed was in one bag though, they just found a couple of empty zip lock bags. He was arrested and spent the night in jail. The next day he appeared in front of a judge and they continued the case until this morning and he was released on his own reconnaissance. He got a lawyer, and the lawyer asked the judge today for more time to review the case. It's been extended.

He's gotten speeding tickets before, but has NEVER been arrested for anything and has never been caught with weed. My question is does anyone have any idea what he might get when they finally give him a judgement?

I was thinking maybe probation and a fine, but I'm no lawyer, so I thought I'd come here and ask.

Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Weahinseshy : This happened to my friend in Maryland. He was charged with possession and intent to sell and only received a fine and a year probation. Depends on how good his lawyer is/how strict the judge is. Some judges don't mess around with drug charges, some think they're minor offences.
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Torsedrivevon : So i know i owe somthing but 3600 sounds rediculous . The majority of the money i owe is due to failures to appear for court dates i didnt know about .im ready to pay the debt in full but before i do is there any way i could reduce that ?.... the county of santa clara wount let me go back to court to dispute the failure to appear charges . Is there something a lawyer could do for me that i can not do on my own ?
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AdvitsaddibiA : Fines for failure to appear are levied by the court not by the country and if you failed to appear on multiple dates there is not much a lawyer is going to do for you unless you can find one who is good friends with the judge.
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