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urbawibbona : Hi, me and my wife divorced around a year ago but I moved out of a jointly owned property about 2 years ago and have been paying half the mortgage all this time as my daughter still lives there and I'm on the mortgage. However she has recently re married and moved this bum in who doesn't work? Do I have the right to ask for rent or ask him to leave as he is bumming off me and her but she doesn't realise this! The house is on the market but since I moved out its gone to ruin because of her and don't think it will ever sell in that state. I can't move on with my life while I'm still paying this.

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siNataliLobanova : Hi
this situation needs the intervention of a solicitor not anything else and certainly no other methods you might come up with.
time to get legal advice on this topic.
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KepaffipS : Since your name is on the mortgage, you do have the right to charge rent. it is your house and if he can't work and pay rent, give him a 30 day notice and evict. if he doesn't leave, call the cops.
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VurripsypeRip : You can ask for anything. If you are trying to ask if you own the house, as your separate property, and are entitled to sell it or collect rent, I have no way of knowing.
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sxgigifsbsxl : It really depends on what your divorce agreement stated.
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Gysrere : Bad news: You can't evict him - this would be 'against public policy', as lawyers say. (because you would be preventing a married couple from living together)

Good news: You should see your divorce solicitor. A remarriage often changes the terms of any maintenance etc agreement, and may have an effect on matters to do with the house.
This will depend on the terms of your agreement you made at the time.
I don't usually advocate getting expensive legal advice as we can do a lot of legal actions ourselves (contrary to popular belief), but this is one time where you do need a professional.
You should also mention the state of the house if it really is bad - it can be an offence to 'frustrate' the terms of a divorce agreement - eg doing something which stops the house being sold
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sherSarlefs : Do Government lawyers need to be trial lawyers & litigators before they can take a job as a government lawyer, who doesn't take a adversary role with their job?? I hope that makes sense :)
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immekGive : If a lawyer has passed the bar, the govt has positions for them...each position has its minimum requirements to be hired. You need to look at each job announcement and see what is required, the location, etc. There are varying degrees of experience and/or education in the legal positions offered. Look at be aware that there is veterans preference and so vets with the same qualifications will be hired before those who have not served in the military.
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freelife : Depends what the job is.
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sa6cheap5 :
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