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Enginisseve : Hello,

I know no one would really know the answer to this question but your BEST guess will be greatly appreciated. I tried contacting the school district but they flat out refuse to answer my questions.

I live in the state of South Carolina. Back in February of this year, she had to go to a truancy hearing. She was put on truancy probation for a year, meaning if she missed anymore days, it could land her in front of the Judge next time and possible juvie time.

Now here's the situation. My daughter turns 17 in January. Here in South Carolina, 17 year olds are basically considered adults. Meaning they can come and go as the please. You can't report them as run-aways. They don't have to follow any rules at home. Basically you can't report them as incorrigible, however the parent still has to take care of them until they are 18. Also, the legal drop out age is 17 years old, obviously.

Sucks, huh?

So my question is this: My daughters truancy ends Feb 28, 2014. She turns 17 January, 5th , 2014. That is almost two months before her truancy probation is over. Is she still legally on truancy probation from Jan 5th until Feb 28th if the legal drop out age is 17 years old? I don't get how this works.

The reason why I ask is because she swears she can drop out of school on the day of her birthday. However, I would think she has to do the remainder of the truancy probation until Feb 28th. I really tried calling the school district and they refuse to answer this question , I guess they are instructed to do this so we parents and teens can't figure out the law. I tried calling lawyers too but they don't know either. I even offered them money to answer my question, but they can't! I swear all of this is true.

So if anyone could give me their best guesses , that would be really great.

Thank you so much in advanced.
I DID ask the probation officer and no answers.

I will make her go to school and the max of juvie time for minors for truancy is 90 days.

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tireargueme : The School District will not answer your question because it deals with the details of your daughters court ordered probation...
You need to contact her probation officer or the court directly and find out all the details of her probation and the legal age to drop out of school...

Normally a court order to attend school for the duration of the term of her probation will negate the legal drop out age and she must attend school until her probation ends, because probation is a condition of her release...

If you wish to teach her a lesson then let her assume what she wants to assume and quit school when she wants, then when she is brought before the judge again for truancy she can spend a year in a juvenile correction facility or have her probation extended until age 18...
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Miztiessy : I'm looking to take my ex girlfriend to court for money she owes me, among other things of value that are mine and she has in her possession.

Before I get a lawyer and pay up for court costs I would like to send a letter re-questing my stuff back and not go to court.

My question is does anyone know of a sight that I can copy paste a request for items form? Or something that looks legal enough to scare her into ending this... would be helpful

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saitiolmesela : You don't need a lawyer to go to small claims court. Just visit your county courthouse and get the form to file a small claims lawsuit.
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konwo724 : You just write a Formal Letter to her, and keep a copy to show to the Small Claims Court, No Threats, Just write a request for them and ask for a reply within 7 days.
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PoitoProvemog : On your computer, you should have Microsoft Word. There you should be able to
draft a letter. But if you're wanting the letter on professional letter form, you are
going to need to have a attorney write it, and that may cost to you.
Sometimes lawyers do this as a courtesy - as I have seen it done. Sometimes it
takes a retainer (in the event you need representation).

Your other option, (if suing for under $2,500.00) is to file for small claims at your
local courthouse. There will be a fee for filing and a sheriff to deliver the summons
which is added to what is owed - if and when you win in court.

Sometimes, the sheriff's deputy delivering the summons - creates enough scare,
and people pay to avoid the courts. In which you can cancel you lawsuit, but be
sure to collect your fees too.
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reinodisGF : You don't need a form.
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monitautto : My landlord and two of my roommates are trying to kick me and my other roommate out. I will be representing myself. My roommate and his girlfriend who also lives with us are known liars and me and my other roommate, who is getting evicted too, know this for a fact. We try to tell the police and our landlady that she is being lied to but they wont listen. Anyway. What are some questions I need to ask and what are some questions I will be asked when it goes to court? I will be calling a lawyer too. Any help. I am being evicted for violence and threatening a co-tenant. In reality it is him that is threatens me everything he would drink on his steroids. Yes, I know it seems obvious but for some reason it is not. They are very good at acting innocent.
I cannot move out since I do not have the money to rent around the area. It is expensive and rent in this house is very cheap, like 300 or more cheaper than every other house or apartment. I have to stay around the area since I go to school in the fall and I work here without a car. thanks.
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Septonesoro : Why wouldn't you just move out and say yourself all the trouble.
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kolodmskyy : Have a lawyer write them a simple letter on lawyer's office letterhead stating something like "Mr BBGun requests that you make no further requests and do mail or phone him with any requests. Continuing to harass Mr BBGun may force him to pursue a legal remedy to the situation"

Lawyers are good at those threatening sounding letters that really say nothing but people often get scared of being sued and do whatever it is you want.

You can sue them, but you don't really have any damages so the best you could really hope for is legal fees and a cease and desist order.
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