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Daudiodia : Speeding ticket

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celtics22 : Cabron: Tenemos que preguntar en espanol por un abogado en la ciudad de Santa Rose.
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songzhang225 : Try these guys
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optixElena : paying off property settlement in divorce decree, need judge to release me from the do i ask that in a a letter to him?
we dont have an attorney, we would just like to pay this off and have it closed. It just seems to drag on...
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rbuyf : You can't write directly to a Judge because he won't read it. In fact he won't even see it.
You have to petition the Court.
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novaexate : you should be able to get your lawyer (mediator) to present proof to the judge & file any proof that needs to be filed.
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epfvbfaz : A man in Italy is threatening to sue me for copyright infringement over one of my Youtube videos. He says he owns the copyright of the second face on Mars, that I call Mr BigEar and he calls the face of Gandhi. I tried reasoning with him that copyrights only protect original works of ownership, not facts, but he's still threatening to sue me if I don't remove it from the video.
I know he's dead wrong and would lose in court. But if he hires a lawyer won't it force me to hire one and I cannot help but lose a lot of money? Does anyone know much about these frivolous lawsuits?
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Cetuneld : If he's in Italy, you won't be sued. At worse, he will report you to Youtube.

Or, give him credit in the video description. Unless you stole his video, you are fine.
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Barrythelry : Someone please answer quickly!
So I am going to court for my very first time.. I'm 14 years old.. and I'm so nervous. My charge is for assault. I got arrested for this because I was helping a helpless victim, my best friend was getting her head smashed off the pavement and instead of calling the police or doing something smarter, it was in the heat of the moment so I feared my friends life and went to pull apart the fight, but while I was doing that my foot was right near the girls head and I kicked her, it was all happening so quickly..even if the other girl was losing I'd stop the fight because I want no one getting hurt, I'm not that type of person and I regret going that night..The police even told me if that was my best friend I wouldn't have just stood there ether so..I just want advice if I should be nervous or not? Also I have terms against my best friend will those get dropped? because I can't live without her..she's my other half. What is court like?
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OXarden : You should not feel nervous. you have explained as to why you were arrested Your inention was not to hurt the head of the girl, and what happened it was unintentional. You should go in the house wth clean hands and explain to the court as to what and how it happened. Good Luck
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