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FriendMadison : Its my friend.テつ*She was raped and couldnt afford a pergancy test .テつ*She went to stop and shop and stole a pregnancy test and got arrested. I posted her bail.テつ*But she has to go to court.テつ*Should she get a lawyer?

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2qot54rt74o : NO!!!!!

do not waste money on a lawyer

have her visit free legal aid in the local courthouse, and ask what can she do to lessen the sentence

she should also go talk to the state attorneys office and tell them the whole story, starting with the rape to finish with the stealing the pregnancy kit

best wishes
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XDedris : Age of consent laws is 16 in Canada. So the adult cannot be charged with any forms or charges similar to statutory rape?
Trying to explain this to my mother in a heated debate. She believes that if her 16 year old daughter (me) has sex with an adult - she can charge them for rape. i disagree. Who's right? -_-
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jajidmeu : He could probably be arrested for child molesting.
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Anne_7 : Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
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SPbrain : you can only consent to have sex with OTHER minors, not adults - an adult who has sex with a minor CAN be charged with rape
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OdellZ905TtQ : You are correct. If you are 16, you may consent to having sex with any adult. The sole exception is that the adult may not be in a position of trust or authority (coach, councillor, police, lawyer, judge, babysitter, etc.) when the age is raised to 18.

You can't be charged with sexual offenses including statutory rape, sexual touching, etc. Pictures and video would still be illegal -- child pornography.

This is clearly explained in the Criminal Code and in the Ministry of Justice web site.
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gestundurgire : Hello Everyone,

If I decide to withdraw my case or claim against my company,how are high the cost to pay to the tribunal.
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nawHydayassup : Impossible to say - because you will have to pay all of the company's costs so far, and who knows how much their lawyers have been charging.
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Jestreems : I am supposed to be having my daughter at 5 o'clock this evening but at 4.30 yesterday evening i was told she is going away for the weekend. At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon my daughters grandmother text me asking me was i still picking her up tonight and asked the time then within 2 hours told me i wont be able to as she is going away. The contact i have is arranged by a court and we was only there last week and my daughters mother is swearing blind she mentioned it in court but she definatly did not. Where do i stand on this? Is there anything i can do?
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