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Touspedquesee : What is a company suppose to do here in order to cover self when ending ..

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skekwoopy : Contact a good lawyer.
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seogertafor : I'm going to be 18 soon and I don't know much about suing and how people do it. On what circumstances do you sue? how do you get out of being sued? when you sue do you get the money of the sued human? Lets say someone broke a property of mine intentionally. Or someone kills an animal or someone runs over a person or failing to yield for and keeps going not stoping or whatever. Can I sue or be sued for these?
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phypofelterty : Naruto! And yes
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nanette997 : You can sue if you believe someone harmed you in some way, either or emotionally or financially. If you win, they are required to compensate you for the harm you suffered. It involves hiring a lawyer and going to court.
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ellis2012 : For example as the defendant: Department of General Services, and Charles Smith. With EEOC, I have a "Right To Sue Notice" to sue DGS. But Charles Smith is the man that caused the Retaliation, although he is an employee of DGS as I am. As mentioned this is just an example. I'm not 100% sure how to name these defendants, one of them or both? as like above.
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drorrutoutt : You really should hire an attorney. You have very short deadlines and you have various theories you could potentially sue on.

If you aren't even sure who you can name as a defendant and how they should be named, that is your first clue that you need to hire an attorney and fast.
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enzypsusy : James,

I have a half way decent ability to comprehend and apply the law, and did not dare handle my case myself. If you do, they will jerk you around. They will ignore your requests for discovery, force you to get motions to compel, etc. And employers almost always file a motion for summary judgment, which requires a well-written legal response. The lawsuit process is difficult. And that is just the politics. The law is very complex, and it really does come down to who can maneuver better. No matter how strong you think the case is, the law and past case precedent might say otherwise. You really need an attorney. your time is short, start looking.

Out of curiosity, are you filing in state court or federal court? Did you know you had that choice? Where I am, state courts are more favorable to plaintiffs than federal courts. I took a case all the way, with a lawyer, and my employer finally settled out of court after 4 years. E-mail me if you want more info.

EDIT: This is about justice, not revenge. You never end up getting back at the person who got you. Usually you file the suit against the company, because the person was acting in their capacity as an employee of that company. So the company either did not train him right or failed to oversee his actions or take corrective action when it was pointed out. It is the company's fault, and they are the ones with the money.

Since you still work there, things are going to get interesting for you. Make sure you walk a real straight line.
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Nenrycesy : It would probably be wise to talk to them. Otherwise, they're more likely to sue and gum up the works. They wont necessarily win their suit, but it's just likely to add unnecessary delays.

Also, if someone wants to intentionally dis-inherit one of their children, they're best off leaving them $1. If the child is totally left out of the will and not even mentioned, they can challenge the will claiming the parent simply forgot to include them. They wouldn't be as likely to make such a claim if the will explicitly leaves them only one single dollar.
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Buyuielrkd : no, any one can request a copy of the will and then take out legal advice on it
the executors job is just to sort out the will as best they can according to the wishes of the demised
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