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theomarttestmk : I filed for sole physical custody and child support the other day of my 7 month old daughter and we'll probably be going to court soon, but can I use the online pictures on instagram as evidence that he's not fit to be a dad? He post a lot of pictures of MDMA, promethazine, weed, coke, alcohol (he's under 21) etc. & recently got out of rehab for using heroin and has gotten caught up at least twice with it. Can I use all this as evidence?

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glenckistr : Pictures? Are you serious? No, unless they were child porn. If you try, you'll look like a complete and utter fool out for revenge.

The heroin thing is another story.
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heerginee : Honestly, you can use anything as evidence, but it is entirely up to the judge if it is considered legitimate proof. In most cases, if you can prove that the account on instagram belongs to him, prove that nobody could've hacked him, prove that he took the pictures, prove that he owns the items he took pictures of, AND prove that the items you believe to be drugs and alcohol truly are drugs and alcohol then yes. If you can't prove even one of those, then he will not get in trouble and can get out on a technicality or insufficient proof. Make sure you have all your resources before you do anything.

Extra advice on getting proof. You can use a hidden camera or sound recording device to get him to admit to those pictures being of drugs or alcohol as long as you and one other person in the room, or area being recorded, is aware that you are recording. For example, you can set up a camera if you meet with him, then, bring a friend with you and let them know what you are doing. This little legal trick can help you win a tough case.
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payollasywoRk : Aren't you lucky your ex is such a moron. Yes, print out all those pictures and make digital copies of them too. Show them to your lawyer and have him/her present them to the court as evidence that your child's father is an unfit father and undeserving of any kind of custody at all. That should do it. And then ask for SUPERVISED visitation, subject to random drug/alcohol testing....that should make sure that your ex does not exercise his visitation as if he is caught with illegal drugs in his system, he will lose his visitation completely and go straight to jail.

To sum up, yes, you can use that evidence. As I said above, you are very fortunate he is such a moron...but get those pictures secured and don't' mention what you plan on doing with them. Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: If there is any chance your evidence won't be believed, show them to the lawyer and at least one other reputable adult witness directly on the computer.
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Entimbzit : Hello,

My name is Kait, and coming up is my senior year of high school. I've been training for upcoming volleyball try outs for the past summer until it was recently brought to my attention that I might not be eligible to play any sport this year because of a rule in my school district. "Students who are on their fifth consecutive year of high school are ineligible for all sports." However they do take "special cases". For example, time off school for family, medical, ect reasons.

I studied abroad my junior year in Germany with rotary youth exchange, and due to the rigorous curriculum of German high schools, and my lack of adequate language (in the beginning), I made the decision to repeat a year of school to better prepare myself for college.

It was decided that since I made the decision to go to Germany and repeat a year (and that nothing "out of my control" had prevented me from completing my high school in 4 years) that I could not play any sport my senior year.

Keep in mind:

*I've only played high school volleyball for two full years. This upcoming year would be my third.
*I have a 3.75 UW GPA in mostly advanced courses.
*I entered the program and went to Germany thinking that I would get my year abroad to count as my Junior year. I changed my mind later on.
*I am 18 years old. And I will be 18 years old when I graduate high school next year.

This rule was created to prevent drop outs from playing sports and being older than 18 and also as a restriction to those athletes that are held back a year.

I want to appeal this decision and hire a lawyer to make a case in front of the school board. Do you think that I would have a case against something like this?
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foelanalf :
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Blealperb : Yes
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flusetlegmect : his rights? Yes. Not his responsibilities.
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xmentalistem : He can sign whatever he wants. It's not going to get him out of paying child support, if that's what he's thinking.
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islightina : If you are smart, you will let him. That will mean that he will be paying 18 years of child support (the only way he can avoid that is if your husband was adopting the child) for a child that he will never have any legal rights to...that means he can't demand visitation, custody, or have any say whatsoever in how you raise the child. If he is dumb enough to be willing to do this, make sure you have a very good lawyer draw up the needn't tell him that he can't avoid child support by doing have no duty to him...his lawyer can advise him of that....or you can simply file for government benefits (food stamps, medicare) and let the government give him the nasty surprise. Good luck and God bless.
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