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lummnhkswcaax : I was recently at a state hospital in NC for an inpatient involuntary commitment. In most of these cases, patients do not have full civil rights and doctors have "lead-way" in the usurpation of certain rights so that they can "provide treatment". This last visit, I felt the doctors went 'above and beyond' what was necessary and made my stay discomfiting. It was a bit traumatic. I received forced medications and thought the doctors and ward staff gave me "unstable" treatment for the "current" diagnosis of schizophrenia that they gave me.

It was hell. The food given to me looked like it had been chewed and then given to me. My food may have been spit on (given all the hate on the ward - even between staff and patients).

The ward I was on was like a war zone with fights and doors slamming. The treated us like children with a point system that had stars on it. They sometimes snatched away "privileges" (one was checking and receiving email), in what sometimes seemed like a power grab. What they missed was how therapeutic those privileges were and that taking them away made the ward "worse" (for EVERYONE).

There were race dynamics at play regularly. One patient was nuttier than most and called himself a "nigger-hater" over and over again. He was non-violent, but what he would verbally spew daily (he even spit/loogied in the open area where we watched TV) was a bit much.

They would not move a patient (to another ward) that regularly aggravated me. The first three months, I thought the guy was "eating" me with the eerie way he stomped his foot and sat always in line sight. I believe he was trying to be subliminal and always found himself "around" me.

Those are the things "inappropriate" that made my time there "toxic".

The darkest part of my stay was the fact that I didn't know when I would leave (till three months in). It is odd: some people do not "leave" the hospital. There is a "friend" of mine still there from a 2010 commitment. For goodness sake (I didn't do this), but I really thought now and again: do they want me to "jiggaboo" to get out of this hospital? Point being: I manifested high functioning skills and I could take care of myself; however, they would not release me to a requested NC area (homeless shelter) even though a lot of my immediate family was near (in a city over) when I had $3500 in my checking account. I would have found a place to live quickly and as I have found a job now, I would have found a job then. When I grew inpatient, I offered my doctor a legitimate plan of what I could do for myself and she considered it, but did not consider it an option.

Point is that the doctors were in "excess" with what they wanted to do with me and it felt like they kept me unlawfully.

I want to pursue a lawsuit. Where do/should I begin? I want do some research to know if I have a legit case. So, what sites could inform me about medical law, malpractice, and associated lawsuits?

Are there groups/organizations that can provide an affordable consultation (to see if I have a case) and are there groups/organizations that can assist with the legal and lawyer fees associated with a lawsuit?

I really felt what happened was terrible and even 'ungodly'.
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azikmanich : 1. Retain Attorney.
2. Follow Attorney's instructions.
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Intaniejeta : Go talk to an attorney he will file everything for you.
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jasmine573 :

Color of law, with government involvement, is in fact a war crime.
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camarok : I live in Melbourne and am finishing school soon, I would like to study law at university. I would love to study international law but I've been told that there are not many job opportunities and quite low salaries for international lawyers.

So I think that doing civil law would be better for me because I am kind of squimish and would not like dealing with murders, rapes and such.

What are the differences, which has more job opportunities and higher salaries, criminal or civil law.

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doorriels : Civil law.
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Cousevedsef : To be a lawyer in Australia you will need to first complete a law degree (ie bachelor of laws as an undergrad) which involves completing a wide range of compulsory subjects in many different areas of law including criminal and civil law areas. So if you want to be any sort of lawyer the first step would be to do a law degree, and then while doing it you can decide which area of law you have enjoyed studying the most so you can then try to get practical training/a career in that area once you finish.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that I wouldn't worry just yet about what type of lawyer to become because you will first need to study in all those different areas anyway as part of your degree and that will probably make it much easier to decide later on.
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viczont : You don't need to worry about it until you're getting your degree. You can see at that point how things are looking. You probably shouldn't make your choice based just on "more opportunities" and salaries regardless. You should pick what you like and what you're good at. Even if one area has fewer opportunities, if that's where you gravitate and have friends and things seem natural, that's what you should pursue. There are lots of people who go into an area chasing jobs or money and end up miserable, so it becomes a waste of time when they later quit or need to go into something else. If you're interested in international law, it doesn't hurt to look into it and take a course or two and see how things go. It might be something you do occasionally, or where you stumble into a good fit of a position over time. Or you might find it's useful for going into something like maritime law. Anyway, I'd worry about just going someplace to study law, period, before you worry about anything else.
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fahLiaphy : So I got an open container ticket and 350 dollar fine. I had 2 jack and cokes before driving and a bottle of jack in the back seat "dumb I know" I was stopped at a check point and arrested for DUI and my car towed. Went to the station and blew a .05 and was never charged for DUI but still had my car towed at my expense and spent the night in jail. Any chance I can get time served, charges dropped for the open container and even a law suit for false arrest?
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zlhdcwbl : Yes you can be refunded for your expense that you spent on your car being impound&and if you suffered and funds lost for spending the night in jail you can get that back as well..05 is not the legal limit for DUI,and if the police department refuse to refund you then you can file a law suit and get alot more.My advice to you is to get a lawyer due to the fact that this will also become a burden of thier charge sense you were subject to false arrest.
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