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breakmotio : I have some clip art and other digital images I wish to post online to sell but I don't yet have copyrights on anything (ie. I didn't send anything in to any copyright offices or pay any money for this service, also I've heard that getting copyrights for your work can take months. Is this true?). First off, if I post these images online and someone just steals them using print screen etc and then uses them in some work of their own (like maybe a book or something) and then sells it as their own do I have any hopes of successfully suing them for compensation (ie. Is it really worth my time to try)? I've read online and it seems almost impossible to win a copyright lawsuit b/c it would cost me tons of money to pay lawyers and then I would need to have some idea as to how much they made using my work. Also I've read that those lawsuits can take years to resolve and then end in loss anyway and then I just end up losing tons of money just trying to get compensated for MY OWN WORK (ie. Ending with less than I started with)! Also, how might I go about finding evidence of someone having stolen my work other than just happening to stumble across it online? Do I have any rights to my own work if it is not technically copyrighted? Thanks in advance.

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Loasiarog : Probably not since the internet is public and global. It is best to keep your work off the internet.
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ZobNeremono : Sure, just don't know how to Sue
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1mannequind : You pretty much answered your own question. I don't know how you'd go about finding how much money they made, the value of it is something that would be argued in court. I don't think you'd have the rights if you don't copyright it. The best thing to do is get your stuff out there though. If somebody uses it you should be happy it was good enough to steal.
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AlexanderD2 : Well,
Your job is technically copyrighted and the law is on your side, so, yes there is an infringement of copyrights.
As you mention above you would have to pay for a lawyer and you will have to wait a lot of time until you get your money back

I will give you my advice, unless they stole you more than a thousand bucks, don't sue them, but sell your art through online services that let a watermark on the image (so they won't steal it) and have good lawyers (so you have protection): i.e. or
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Esonosmeansic : You don't have to register to own the copyright on something you created. It's automatic. Registering a copyright gives you better legal standing if you sue, though. See page 3 of the link below.
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jtopwarezv : You already have a copyright and can sue for actual damages, registration only affords the ability to sue for statutory damages and attorneys fees on top. You don't always need to sue either, as a C&D or DMCA notice sent to the right person can work wonders!
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siNataliLobanova : Hi
this situation needs the intervention of a solicitor not anything else and certainly no other methods you might come up with.
time to get legal advice on this topic.
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KepaffipS : Since your name is on the mortgage, you do have the right to charge rent. it is your house and if he can't work and pay rent, give him a 30 day notice and evict. if he doesn't leave, call the cops.
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sxgigifsbsxl : It really depends on what your divorce agreement stated.
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