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plaulvavoselt : *Please note, this question pertains specifically to Texas & is being asked by a mom who is experienced with drug addiction in both of her kids, and who has some experience with the criminal courts, thanks to each of my kids being in trouble).

I have a 26-year old son, currently incarcerated in Dallas County for two felony-level charges; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession with intent to deliver (Man Del CS PG 3/4> =28G<200G), and a new felony-level charge of possession of hash oil (POSS CS PG 2< 1G). He has a prior felony conviction for drug possession in a neighboring county from 2007.

I paid a lawyer back in 2007 & my son got a 4-year probation which he completed successfully. He also went to ISF for 90 days. His PD is recommending 8 years deferral with treatment in SAF-P or Cenikor, or both. I checked with a local attorney who is willing to charge me $7500 to defend my son...but my question is, can a private pay attorney get my son a better deal than the public defender? This a lot of money (to me),

I hate to see my good-looking, young, white son sent to prison--yes, I KNOW what's ahead for him so no one needs to be rude or joking in their comments. But I'm doubtful if spending money we don't have would help to keep him out of prison to where he can get the help he needs. Good news is he is ready to accept help & is finally admitting that he is an addict, which is a good sign regarding his drug issues.
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rbjarmkgxvvw : If they are offering 8 years deferred with treatment, take the deal.
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Enginisseve : Hello,

I know no one would really know the answer to this question but your BEST guess will be greatly appreciated. I tried contacting the school district but they flat out refuse to answer my questions.

I live in the state of South Carolina. Back in February of this year, she had to go to a truancy hearing. She was put on truancy probation for a year, meaning if she missed anymore days, it could land her in front of the Judge next time and possible juvie time.

Now here's the situation. My daughter turns 17 in January. Here in South Carolina, 17 year olds are basically considered adults. Meaning they can come and go as the please. You can't report them as run-aways. They don't have to follow any rules at home. Basically you can't report them as incorrigible, however the parent still has to take care of them until they are 18. Also, the legal drop out age is 17 years old, obviously.

Sucks, huh?

So my question is this: My daughters truancy ends Feb 28, 2014. She turns 17 January, 5th , 2014. That is almost two months before her truancy probation is over. Is she still legally on truancy probation from Jan 5th until Feb 28th if the legal drop out age is 17 years old? I don't get how this works.

The reason why I ask is because she swears she can drop out of school on the day of her birthday. However, I would think she has to do the remainder of the truancy probation until Feb 28th. I really tried calling the school district and they refuse to answer this question , I guess they are instructed to do this so we parents and teens can't figure out the law. I tried calling lawyers too but they don't know either. I even offered them money to answer my question, but they can't! I swear all of this is true.

So if anyone could give me their best guesses , that would be really great.

Thank you so much in advanced.
I DID ask the probation officer and no answers.

I will make her go to school and the max of juvie time for minors for truancy is 90 days.
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tireargueme : The School District will not answer your question because it deals with the details of your daughters court ordered probation...
You need to contact her probation officer or the court directly and find out all the details of her probation and the legal age to drop out of school...

Normally a court order to attend school for the duration of the term of her probation will negate the legal drop out age and she must attend school until her probation ends, because probation is a condition of her release...

If you wish to teach her a lesson then let her assume what she wants to assume and quit school when she wants, then when she is brought before the judge again for truancy she can spend a year in a juvenile correction facility or have her probation extended until age 18...
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Myncclins : My parents are going through a custody battle over me. My lawyer isn't doing her job so I need to find a way to replace her with a better attorney.
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roinemanath : Ask which ever parent is your custodial parent to replace your current lawyer.
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necladatio : Jus call her office & tell her she's fired. Then call the public defenders office & tell them to send u an application for a new lawyer.
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Meftdrabbef : Your guardian ad litem attorney cannot be fired by you. Your parents would have to ask the Judge to replace her, but they will need specific reasons why a replacement is necessary. You not agreeing with her recommendations is not grounds for her replacement.

A GAL is assigned by the court to act in the best interest of the minor (you), which does not necessarily involve doing whatever the minor wants.
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optocachift : I have a felony/battery that has been on my record since 2006, I wasn't given a court date all charges were dropped, I was in jail for a few hours and released how do I (do this myself with out a lawyer) expunge this or does the court take this off without expungment needed because of outcome?
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filpacytra : if the charges were dropped & you were never convicted of a felony, then its not on your record.
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