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Actinnasniste : what kind of cases would they take

like someone sewing a town for bad sewage would the district attorney be representing the town in this case

thanks 10 points

bq: how exactly would one sue the united states government? Can you please provide and example of someone suing a government?
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OxillFige : Most district attorneys represent the county in criminal court. They are the prosecuting attorney.
They do not work as a defense attorney in a civil case.
A city of any size has an attorney to represent them in court and often will hire an outside attorney.
You can sue the Federal government in Federal district court.
States often sue the Federal government either over laws or agencies that the states feel violate their Constitutional rights.
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Daudiodia : Speeding ticket
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celtics22 : Cabron: Tenemos que preguntar en espanol por un abogado en la ciudad de Santa Rose.
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songzhang225 : Try these guys
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operforGowrib : My parents are in a custody battle over me. I used to live with my mom but last year my dad forced me to move to Colorado from California after he took my mom to court. Now my lawyer isn't doing her job and I need to find a way to fire my lawyer and possibly get a new one that will actually tell the judge what I want, I need to live with my mom but my lawyer isn't helping my case
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Linafgk7 : If you're 14, you probably shouldn't, because you probably don't fully understand everything that's going on. I'm sure your attorney actually does know what she's doing.
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bhzmkxkljdul : Who actually hired your lawyer? That is the person who should make such a decision. I don't know what your case is about. But we don't always get what we want. Your dad may have a valid reason for wanting you to be away from your mother.
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coomypeacroxy : you need to tell the judge!

seriously....don't tell your dad a thing about your plan

next time you are in court, ask the judge if you can speak to him in private! [ both your dad and the lawyer will get pissed ] if he says why, tell him you don't feel your needs are being met and you wish him to know....and actually you'd like to fire the lawyer you have....just like that

then tell him what you said here!!!

and I say good for you, for being aware enuf at your age to see lies and liars!!! and know who is helping your case and who is not

the only problem I see is, your age, so you can not represent yourself, and I'm not sure how far the court will go to see to it that you do get a lawyer to work on your behalf. I'd say your father is in charge here, and will likely give excuses etc and not get you a different lawyer.

just make sure, your comments are put on the record, if someone objects, then you object to their objection and demand your comments be put on the court record!!!

just keep insisting....because you are not being heard at all, and that is why it needs to be on the record, for future reference!!!!!

best wishes to you
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theomarttestmk : Does anyone know of a German qualified and licensed Notary who is still entitled to practice in Germany but is in London. Failing that, any Notary/Lawyer in London who is entitled to practice in Germany and is registered in Germany.
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