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MymnIntatte : my doctor let me suffer for a year i didnt know anything about how to get treated and he let me suffer

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ifmpzgvf : Could a woman become a successful businesswoman? Or we're jobs in financing or law typically left to men
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Shietlewappal : In the 30s, women had considerably fewer career opportunities. Sandra Day O'Connor, even after she graduated from Stanford Law at the top of her class, could only get a job as a legal Secretary ft first.
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Idearigeoge : A handful of women had risen above the position of teller - but none as president of a bank. There were a handful of women who'd graduated law school, but again, they were relegated to minor positions within law firms, such as law clerk. Those who attempted to set up a practice independently were often ostracized to the point that they had to give it up and go back to clerking at a major law firm.
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Sleeryrub : In certain states it was illegal for a woman to be a member of the Bar. The common opinion of the western world was that the womans place was in the home and she was treated very sternly if she deviated from that.
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arcadeismyname : I spoke to my local bank about it..but their card services department told me that they would not process I had not returned the item..but the item is evidence of false advertising and why should I be responsible for sending back an item that was sent to me to defraud me? Maybe should I go around them and call MasterCard ?

I paid through Paypal with my MasterCard for two items that were explicitly advertised as name brand and showed a picture also of the name brand product..but they sent me a cheap imitation product..that will work..but is not the name brand and is less than half the price of the name brand product they advertised.

I think this is or used to be? called "Mail Fraud" ? or they can just say it was a mistake? I noticed they are a top rated seller too..but this is blatant fraud...where you advertise with a picture the name brand product and send a off brand product that is less than half the price of the name brand one it not?
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CarterYM : Well, there are three things you can try.
1. If they are a top rated seller, perhaps you can contact them and see if there can be a peaceful resolution. Perhaps it was an honest mistake and they might be willing to send you the real deal if they realize what happened.
2. Call your card's Customer Service explicitly, IE not your bank, but MasterCard themselves, and ask to speak with a knowledgeable person after you explain what happened. They might have more helpful suggestions for you.
3. If all else fails, consult a lawyer. Look under both Lawyers and Attorneys in your local phonebook, then skim through until you see something like "personal small claims" or "misrepresentation suit", etc etc. One of these lawyers would certainly know all the legalities and help point you towards the correct course of action if the preceding two suggestions don't have any helpful effects.

In the meantime, make sure you screenshot the ads before they expire-press the PRT SCRN button on your keyboard, off to the side at the top, when you get to the page as it was advertised to you, then go into your paint program and paste it there for verification; preferably print it out as well. Bookmark or favourite the page in your browser for easy instant access (usually a star shaped button near the top of your website bar). If you kept the shipping material, the boxes and bubble wrap, gather it all together and take lots of pictures, along with photos of the product you were shipped. Make a point of being thorough; it will help if you have to go into court or file a claim. Also, be prompt! Hopefully this is very recent, because if it takes you more than a month to get started on your inquest, you could be questioned as to your reasons for not acting sooner.
Well, I hope that helps, and good luck getting your rightful reimbursement, whatever it is you wish that to be. :)
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easecloda : My understanding is that Credit Cards are an HP agreement which makes the card company culpable on any purchase over £100. They are subject to the Hire Purchase act.
I would argue that you can make them pay you back because they are obliged to ensure a clean contract as they are putting up the money and have certain ownership of the item you bought.
You should contact the OFT Office of Fair Trading - or look at the BBC website ref Consumer issues - it is very good.
Companies quote business policy and often try to get round the actual Law on purchasing - they can not. Policys change on a day to day basis. The Law is the Law they must abide - but usually this is best handled by your determination never to back down.
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toitiedykix : You have to return the first item before you get a refund or exchange. Take a picture of it, and of the package it came in if you still have it, and get a screen shot of the ad. That is your evidence. If you don't return the item, you are unjust enriched, and you won't get your refund.

Let's say that the name brand item is worth $100, and the imitation is worth $30. You sent $100 (I'm going to ignore shipping and handling), but received $30 in merchandise. If you don't send the item back, and get a refund, though, you get $100 AND the $30 value of the item.

You can choose the item OR the refund/exchange. You won't get both.
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optoniahoro : I was walking away from a party on campus (I'm a freshman in college) with an opened beer in my hand and a closed beer in my pocket. I had drunk a beer earlier in the night but was not drunk whatsoever. A police officer drove up to the house and saw me with it in my hand, came over and arrested me. I was charged with underage drinking and possession of an open container. I have a few questions
1. If I am found guilty, I lose my state funding from school at which point my parents would find out about what happened and make me come home and go to a community college (I go to school at Ohio State right now and lived previously in Albany NY. I have never been arrested before, not even as much as gotten my name taken down at a party. I was just going out for my first week in college. For my circumstance, what are the chances I'm not found guilty? There's a program in Ohio called "the diversion program" where (from what I understand) community service is assessed, a fine is given, and nothing stays on the record whic/h is ideally what I'm hoping for
2. How much would a good lawyer cost me?
3. Is there anything I should/shouldn't do in court (besides the obvious stuff) to help my case? All of this is foreign to me

I know I made a mistake and I know there are consequences but if my parents found out they would make me come home and my life would be over. I just really want this to go away. I have learned my lesson. I know what I did was wrong
please help
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