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FelmtemnDiept : I was sexually abused and neglected in a Foster Home in 1999/2000 I never knew until the past few years that I could bring DCF to court for knowingly putting me in an unsafe home.. The reason they KNEW the home was not stable was because a few months prior to my being placed with this woman she was beaten and brutally stabbed in the neck by other foster children. DCF placed me there with out giving the woman any proper mental health help. or anything. She should have had her foster parent license revoked at that time to protect HER and US because she obviously never got over the attack. While I was there I was left to fend for myself in a filthy house with little to no food she kept a padlock on the freezer and took the can opener with her when she left the house. She Began to drink all day every day locked herself in the bookshop attached to the house and spent most nights there the only communication I had with her was a baby monitor type system. While she was "off drinking" her friend would come over and sexually assault me almost weekly for a year whenever I told my DCF worker they blew it off as me making up stories because I wanted to be moved to another placement. she drove her car into a tree drunk and we were both injured, I begged the EMT not to let them bring me back there but I was after the foster mother recovered from her injuries.. I broke my arm at school she refused to bring me to a doctor. I thankfully had a family therapy session with my mother that day and she took me to the E.R and I had to have two surgeries. I had to do drastic things to get DCF to remove me from the home. Running away all of the time stealing money stealing alcohol threatening to kill the foster mother. they finally removed me.. I was so glad to be out of there I never brought it up again. and I never knew I could sue them for neglecting to get me out of that bad situation until recently .. I do believe that DCF is responsible for my treatment while I was there. and sadly I was not the last child to be abused and neglected by her. She ended up having her license taken away years later and now has severe dementia brought on by years of drinking. I am looking to hear from any one that has a similar story. I am in vermont and there aren't many Lawyers out there where I am from that are willing to go up against the state in court. a long time has passed but it still doesn't make what happened to me or the other children right and our voice should be heard. I am not looking to sue for monetary compensation I am looking to perhaps pass a new law? Money to pay for therapy and mental health medication would be nice but that is not what I am going for in court.. PLEASE COME FORWARD.. I want to hear your story especially if u have brought ur case to court. whether it was in ur favor or not. please share the case and the outcome.. or you can email me at THANK YOU

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theomarttes12ezr : I live in Connecticut and due to my boss going out of business I was left without a job. I am looking for jobs and have a few interviews already lined up. So far I start my temporary job that should give me work for about 3 months but I won't be starting that for another 2 weeks. My landlord gave me a notice to quit or pay the rent and fees owed by Monday.

This was written a few days ago so it gave me 10 days to pay the rent. I explained the situation to my landlord but she is not caring she want's her money. But according to the lawyer who called me she explained that she deals with cases like mine all the time and that until my landlord takes me to court she cannot legally change my locks let alone touch anything in my apartment without my permission per law.

She said the court in this area is so backed up it could take 3 to 6 weeks before anyone can see me in a courthouse so she said if I pay before then even though the landlord can still try to have me evicted then they can't say I never paid because I did pay what I owed even if it was late.

But is any of this true? If Monday comes and I don't have that money for her can my landlord not do anything or change my locks even though my notice to quit has thereby expired? I am just wondering if what this lawyer lady was telling me over the phone was correct or not. Again I live in Connecticut state.
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Loasiarog : It doesn't matter how much you owe a landlord or for how long, or if you are in the process of being evicted. Your attorney is correct: your landlord CANNOT change your locks or kick you out (or turn off utilities) until the legal process has completed.
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plaulvavoselt : Motels/Hotels can lock you out immediately.

Apartments and houses usually takes registering evictions and a due process.
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Booftoino : Mmost states require a 30 day notice to vacate.
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Nazartymn : He can not do any of those things without a court order
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anogeneInsals : Why you are willing to take the word of some stranger here instead of a lawyer who "deals with cases like yours all the time"?
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uphoxottose : I believe the lawyer is correct, but the fact that the landlord can't *legally* do it doesn't prevent her from doing it.

If she does it, even though it may be against the law, you're still locked out.

I would contact her and assure her with certainty that you will happily pay every penny you owe her plus all late fees and interest as soon as possible. Stress that you are going to pay her but have money problems now.

If she still threatens to kick you out, tell her that you have been in touch with a lawyer and if she locks you out illegally you will contact the police and initiate legal proceedings against her and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Tell her you don't want to make legal trouble for her but will do so only if she forces you to.

I think she's afraid you're going to rip her off, so do everything you can (and pay as much as you can now) to try to placate and reassure her. Make sure to get receipts for all payments.
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wekToogeattam : Once the 10 days have passed, the landlord is no longer required to accept your rent and can proceed with the eviction. When you go to court, some judges will allow you to remain on the property if you pay all back rent, late fees, court costs and the landlords attorney fees. You will have to pay this in the court room with certified funds.
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HireeLarp : I have been looking into this being a skeptic and all... I have found several, several mix ups in stories from the media on the two brothers, specifically Dzhokar since he is the only one alive. I haven't read anything on any kind of viable evidence they have on him. If someone can explain to me how they were the bombing suspects it would be greatly appreciated. I want to know what kind of evidence the FBI/CIA found in order to get warrants on them and everything, I can't find any articles that go into detail about that. Couldn't even find video or pictures of Dzhokar when he plead not guilty to 30 charges in court a few days ago. Just curious, something seems fishy when it takes this long to reveal all of the evidence...
Okay, let me define my question a little more...
I would like a little evidence as to WHY these two were the suspects, it seems to me it could have been anyone who done it. They are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? I doubt they are guilty because there is NO EVIDENCE beside's their attire at the event. there were HUNDREDS of people with the same attire including government agents.. So if anyone has any evidence or a link that would be much appreciated. I'm not saying they are innocent, I'm saying they are innocent until proven guilty. REMEMBER 9/11??
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