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cntvnhbn : I've always wanted to become a patent lawyer. I'm entering college, so I'd love to know. Which engineering degree is best for PLs? I wanted to do Electrical Engineering, but my mum (RN Nurse) says it's overdone--my aunt's a paralegal who majored in engineering--and I don't want to do a degree that's overdone, nor that's too rare.

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carliferates : Some one own me $8000. The judge decided, that I get my money through the lawyer's office. The defend is in contempt of court. He broke what promised in front of the judge. Who should call him in front of the judge for it? The lawyer's office (the lawyer that represented me on last court session) or have to do my self?
I am living in Illinois.
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Jennitin79 : I've just been served by the court to appear along with my siblings and the 1st lawyer we had to deal with in my fathers inheritance case because of his death. Basically my step mom encountered a lot of money more then us (daddys surviving children) which was not suppose to happen from my understanding of the 2nd lawyer. I've recently been served where it says that she was suppose to go to court 16th of July at 9:00 am, but failed. I've also been told that the constable has checked 3 places and she has evaded them so they are about to issue a warrant for her arrest. Now this is the state (I believe fed) vs. Jennifer **** (oversee of Steven ***** inheritance case).

(blanked out the last name.)

This is what confused me because I am not law savy can someone explain this part to me? I'm pretty sure my sister and I along with the others did not do anything, but it's calling for the 1st lawyer that handled the case and gave our step mom all this extra money and calling for the children of dad's side against her.

Upon information of belief, it appearing to the court that the above-named fiduciary has either (1) failed to file annual returns, inventory, and/or other reports as required by law or Court order, (2) made unauthorized expenditures or otherwise encroached upon corpus without leave of the Court, (3) failed to properly carry out the duties of the fiduciary, and/or (4) otherwise failed to comply with the rules and instructions of this Court, as required by law. They above named fiduciary is hereby ordered to be and appear before this Court, at 9:00 A.M. on the 16th day of July, 2013, then and there to answer these charges, and to render a full and complete accounting/final settlement of all money and property coming into your hands and/or all auctions taken by you in your fiduciary capacity, and to show cause why you should not be removed from your fiduciary capacity in the above estate.
Notice is further given that if any property or funds are unaccounted for or have been expended improperly, you may be liable for same, together with all costs of these proceedings. Notice is further given that Letters heretofore issued to you by the Court will have to assume that you have violated your duties and will proceed with such evidence as may be before the Court.
You are hereby further directed to bring with you and deliver to the Clerk of this Court at or before the time of such hearing all records of your dealings and actions as estate fiduciary, including, but not necessarily limited to: all blank statements; canceled checks; deposit slips; receipts; invoices; statements; and other document(s) in support of your dealings and actions as fiduciary.
Note to person 1: About having manners when I clearly DONT HAVE A LAWYER. Figure out facts before you point figures just because your to "idiotic" to answer.
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It is frankly idiotic to ask people online for advice on a serious legal matter. That's why you HAVE a lawyer.
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Poendypyday : Well i am a little confused why you don't have a lawyer, this is a very serious matter. But I think the thrust of your question is why you and your siblings are receiving a summons to court which is a little more simple. Someone has complained that your fathers estate was misappropriated. The funds were not dispersed properly according to state/federal law or the will itself. The court has no idea who got the money so it is getting everyone involved together and making them bring proof of what they received from the estate. If they are after your step mother they need to know what if anything they can charge her with. So get all your bank records, canceled checks from your fathers estate and anything else you have which can prove what you received and got to court when they tel you to. But really get a lawyer this could turn into a really big problem.
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Ëåíèíà : 2 months ago, a USPS van hit the passenger side of my car, totaling it and tearing my rotator cuff. Due to that, I had to take a leave of absence from work and culinary school. I'm running low on money and wanted to know how much longer I'll have to wait to be reimburse
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likelucyru : Getting money from the government is like trying to get blood for a stone. I wouldn't expect it any time soon.
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bystryzbyssus : It starts with making the demand. If no one asks the usps to pay, then they will not. Once someone asks, then there is no predicting how long the negotiations take. That assumes, of course, that the postal service agrees that it is at fault. If there is some dispute about whether they are at fault, or if they are the only one at fault, then it will have to go to the courts.
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mejdawdkrg : ask your contact there for an advance on the settlement of $3,000 per month ...

while I doubt the government bureaucracy will be moved by this [or anything], it's worth trying.

THEN, contact your Congressperson's office for assistance with the government bureaucracy -- they actually have someone whose full time job is to do exactly this.
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Kibsteesy : Your insurance company should be handling this for you.
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