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hiegululnenny : Yes I know I'm a terrible person because I had an abortion, but it was suggested for health reasons, and you don't know the circumstances. This is what happened I went to planned parenthood and had an abortion and received an implant for birth ccontrol. There was an ma shadowing the procedure and she is married to my ex boyfriends friend. Later after my procedure I began getting text from my ex telling me that she told him everything about me being there and the procedure, who I was with etc. This is a clear violation of hippa. What can I do, she should lose her license for this.

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Enrinueexpess : Start by getting her caned at planned parenthood.

She has a boss. Report her.
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ontognoks : This question should be asked of a lawyer.
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ajemanejdz : My car was repossessed in October 2011 (est). Shortly after I got a notice saying it was sold at auction for a little under than what I owed, then stated I owed about $1500. I have not paid. In, maybe sept 2012 I had to pick up these papers from the post office claiming to be from the court. Papers, looked like court papers but had no date. It stated I had to contact this lawyer within 28 days of the letter date. I did not. Now, July 2013, I had an envelope in the mail from the same office, but not sent from the court like it said before. They were basically the same papers as before. Looked like court papers but with no date. It had "interrogation questions" and stated I had 28 days from the letter date to answer the questions and send it back. I did not.

Now my question is, will they take me to court, or are they just trying to scare me into paying the $1500?
I figure if they wanted to take me to court, they would have by now, not waited a year from the first letter lol...
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juniperex : Very likely they will. In most states they have 2 years.
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hankon500 : They will take you to court and they will get their $1500 plus court cost and lawyer fees. Best paid what you owe now and save the extra cost.
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prieporaShash : On 2001, I had simultaneously enrolled for Motilal Nehru College in Bachelor of Arts (BA) & School of Open Learning (, both of them come under Delhi University.

However, in March 2002, I left Motilal Nehru College by writing my application.
I did not give any exam of BA from Motilal and left college before exams started.

Now, if they find out that I had enrolled simultaneously, though I am not possessing dual degrees, will they take action or is it anyway illegal?

Pls cite sources and rules on net, preferably lawyers reply.

Do not reply in air without information and sources. If you do not have sources then pls do not reply and move on.

I currently hold degree of, which is of School of Open Learning. Actually, earlier it was (Hons) but as it was too irrational for me therefore in 2005 I shifted it to (Pass) and finally in 2007 I got the (Pass) degree.

So, was 2001 enrolling in dual colleges illegal though I within a year even before the first year exam I left one of the colleges?
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Aredaqueerb : i previously worked for a security agency. while employed i took a a security d license course (40 hours) for $75. which they said was required. but i never heard of a course being so cheap

after the "40 hours" i took the test for certification. i thought i did well but she told me i failed but she would say i passed if i came back the next week for the finger prints. i did not completely understand at the moment but when i called next week she told me i had to retake the test. and she would not charge me. next week i call to come in she says call next week and this goes on for a month. finally she tells me i can come in on the next monday but did not give me any time to come in so i called that monday at 10 am and asked if i can come to the offce now. she said no the testing was at 9 am and i could not take it... and she does not give refunds..

what can i do? she is very unprofessional and yells at all employees and also half of the people that work there do not have the D license which is required by law to work at the events the company does.

i called the BBB (better business bureau) but they said they do not do employee complaints. but this is not an employee complaint i was a CUSTOMER for their security course which was not the 40 hours it was more like 10. a few hours a day and she would let us leave and say it was the entire 40 hours

i do not have money for a lawyer
please help
i do not believe i failed i think she put a fake score. i checked my answers and they were correct but she marked them wrong and she will not let me see the test again
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prieneupe : You failed the test. She has no obligation to allow you to retake it,

In other words, you have no valid complaint.
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Effelpquofe : I think the problem here is not with the business. I'd try one of the agencies listed here
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