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torpwelmeo : So I just read that the guy who runs Best Gore has been charged by police, and I came to the realisation that I actually know very little about Law and criminal offences... For example, I had absolutely no idea that under the act of Corrupting Morals you could be charged as a criminal for simply creating and/or circulating 'obscene' material (I'm not just talking about child pornography, it could be anything considered 'obscene')... So my question is; why isn't Law a compulsory subject in schools? I never took any law subjects in school (I was more into science) so the only real education I have ever really received about criminal law is from T.V and life experience. It just terrifies me that I was never formally taught what is, and what is not technically illegal, and that I could one day make an honest/innocent mistake and have no idea that I could be criminally charged and sentenced to 10 years prison for it...
It's sort of like a few years ago when I was in high school and an 18 year old guy was charged with child pornography for having pictures of his 16 year old girlfriend on his see? This is what terrifies me, how something so seemingly innocent could land you in jail.
With so many laws (seriously, there are so many laws, it's ridiculous, I actually have new found respect for lawyers now) it is unbelievable that Law is not a compulsory subject in school, seriously, in this day and age it should be right up there with English and Math as a core subject...the law is probably the most integral part of society after all.

So please, let's here some answers.
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Palgamdxorzjhi : I take you point but most school education is about "learning how to learn", basic functional eduction and vocational education

most of the classic subjects taught are theory rather than information and where information is provided that is simply a vehicle by which the student learns practical application

exceptions to all of this might include reproductive health but even that is not a full course

legal studies as you envisage would perhaps be information overload for most though a course that outlines the fundamentals of law and some headline issues would be useful

one might suppose that rather than being a core subject law could be taught as a component of the system as one period a week or less

as I understand driver education is a factor in many schools now, one might suppose theres no reason that format couldnt be applied to general law

one could imagine a private contracting company providing lecturers that do a circuit of schools providing up to date and relevant information

so yes, I think youre on to something, but perhaps not as a core subject, rather as a compulsory add on
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malborosek : the settlement was for my deceased Father the amount was agreed upon the end of March(but so long because we needed to find a special needs account to put a portion of the money in for my sister ) we all signed off on the papers the end of May, the other parties sent their check to our Lawyer June 24th our Lawyer sent everything to the judge July 2 but he was on "vacation" he came back on Monday July 15th my Lawyer tried to find out when will he sign off on everything so they can send the check to us(after they get their portion) his office responded with "they don't know" now my Lawyer told me it could take 2 to 3 in total weeks for us to get the check what I want to know is how long is the lawyer/judge able to hold the check until it is released to us (we have no debts)

we also signed a paper stating how much we will be getting and in fine print at the bottom of the paper it said that it will take 10 business for the check to clear so the lawyers could get there portion then after they get their part they will send the remaining out to us
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GokGlarlAbort : Why would you believe me if I gave you an answer when you could get something much more reliable from either the lawyer or the court? But if it makes you feel better I will say it is in the mail and you should get it tomorrow.
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epheropet : Damn be patient its only the 18th. If you havent heard anything in say a month then ask your lawyer. That judge just got back and your case is one of several thousand on his desk
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Dwendydeave : A few months to years bepending on size of check your layers and the insurancecompeny or if the juge order a payment time or schedulehi
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likelucyru : I waited 6 months for my fathers disibility settlement check. My mail service is also very bad so it maybe should have arrived a month earlier.
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LaumbNom : MONEY MONEY MONEY thats all i really needed. I knew how to count the money before i knew how to read it
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zocbystvp : Because generally a big corp or insurance will settle for a small amount and if the person loses they don't have to pay for the other person lawyer or expenses. Really it's generally cheaper for a corp. or an insurance company to settle for a small amount of money then fight it.

In many other countries if you sue someone and lose you HAVE to pay for all the lawyers. I personally think it should be that way all over the world.
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marcene0c : Not everyone does. That's mostly a liberal thing, where they just want a way of "winning" over someone who they don't agree with (it's usually just over being "offended" by something, or other things that aren't at all important). I wish people weren't such wusses that they need to have someone else argue and settle issues for them, but that's America. Heil der Fuhrer Obama!
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