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y8es6sho0v : I got caught stealing a radar detector, and have been to court 3 times. This would have been my fourth but I go to school every week day now and this one completely slipped my mind. I know Ill probably get criticism for this, considering its yahoo answers, but I need real advice. Should I just call the court coordinator, I have a lawyer, although he doesn't really communicate with me too often (the reason Ive had to go 3 times now). Please real advice, Im trying to change my ways, today was just an honest mistake.

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Gymnmoopamb : You have a lawyer, so call him. He was probably at court and threw you under the bus to save his own face. I'm just kidding, he possible just asked for the case to be rescheduled. Call him and ask him what you should do. The sooner you call, the better. Ask him if you need to call the court and reschedule.
If you didn't have a lawyer, you would definitely need to call the court, because they probably would issue a bench warrant for your arrest. In some states they can try you in absentia without you knowing.
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olgabuzova : Bench warrant.

Not the way to do things man.
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MaydayQuizbiz : You now have a bench warrant and the only way to make it go away is to turn yourself for arrest and bail out.
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crydayspusync : Talk to the office workers at the lawyers office.
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ditdigEnsunda : I got divorced in 1997. I still owe GAL fees. I am on disability and can not pay. The GAL has been threating to put me in jail for non payment and is taking me to court. Can a judge put me in jail for not being able to pay or for not paying? I am on disability. Also, the attorney in question has been threating me. what can be done? thanks, T
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2qot54rt74o : I don't know who GAL is, but a lawyer would just sue you. You won't go to jail.
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kevinmgibsonb : There is no debtors prison in the US or Canada.
When you refer to the attorney threatening you, how is this happening? The lawyer can go after some of your disability or any other income or property you have. But one can't get blood from a stone. Try to get the lawyer(s) on tape or speaking with witnesses present.
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Jomupkwenq : no you won't go to jail.
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mopHoomoHal : I am in need of a federal lawyer... ASAP!!! I need this lawyer so I can sue 2 moving companies. I hired one company and they subcontracted to another company out of Dallas, Tx in April 2012 When this other company got my belongings on their truck the price went up 2x's of what I was quoted, so of course I could not afford it and instead of them returning my belonging back to me they took them to Dallas and said when I paid them I would get my belongings. Well throughout the summer of 2012 I paid them $3850.00 Still no belongings. Was told I still had to pay for them to deliver which was another $1500.00. I was not a happy camper. I then called CVL which was the one that hired this company and was reporting this company, they got in touch with DT Quick Moves, he told them I still had to pay him to deliver my belongings. He even called me threatening me, cursing me oh I heard it all. Well I then had a friend call him (DT) and find out what was going on and that pissed DT off and called me once again, lets put it this way it was not a nice call. I call CVL to inform them of what was happening again and they told me that they could not get ahold of him. So now here we are in Dec. 2012 and my friend call DT again to see where my belongings were and when will they be delivered, well he stated that I still needed to pay the $1500.00. My friend stated that I have already paid him $3850.00 that should have included the delivery. Well after about a week or so my friend found out that my belongings were destroyed in an accident in April 2012. So this man (DT) embezzled me and I am not too sure if my belongings were destroyed or stolen. Now everything I owned was on this truck. I have a child with brain damage and this truck had everything he needs for therapy and there is NO way I can replace all he had with what I am making now. His baby pictures, christening gown, baby things EVERYTHING is gone. So please anyone that knows a federal lawyer that is willing to help me on a contingency plan would be so helpful... Please send me an email or answer this question. And I will get back to you... I am in need of help Sooner than later... Thank you in advance... PLEASE HELP MY SON and I!!!
This to the ones that think they know what they are talking about... I have hired a lawyer civil and a good one the best in town! Now he can not go forward due to this is a federal case because of crossing state lines. The moving company!

As far as Moto... you need to get a life and leave mine alone...
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