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Edillcelf : I have a unpaid speeding ticket from 3 years ago i just kept forgetting about...... my license has been suspended for sometime and i don't know if i should try to pay it without consulting a lawyer....... I have severe anxiety and can't speak in front of a court.... would a lawyer be able to take care of this for me or be able to do all the talking should i have to go to court? i have no other criminal history and am extremely worried about the situation... i would pay a lawyer just do to the talking and i am guilty of the situation

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DrSandraVann : Just go in and speak the truth. Offer to pay, apologize and be done with it.
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Ubnolermef : You can find a criminal defense attorney who specializes in traffic law by doing some online research.

Paying your speeding ticket isn't going to reinstate your license. There will be additional hoops you are going to have to jump through. (There is probably an outstanding warrant for your arrest for failure to appear.)

If you have severe anxiety, then I would suggest that you stop procrastinating and deal with this because I'm guessing you would not do well getting arrested. Being proactive is the best way to resolve this.
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IRRACYMIT : I have recently started my own clothing line and have some questions. There is a company that trademarked " Bad Boy ® " already . I wanted to make one of my items saying Bad Boy on it in no particular way resembling how they do it. Is that illegal for me? Does the registered trademark really stop all future clothing from from putting that phrase anywhere on them as a design? Also what if I put "Bad Boy Club" or something like that would that be be illegal? Any quick help so I don have to do alot of research or call a lawyer would help. Thanks
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AssibAddilm : There are dozens of companies using "BAD BOY" as a trademark, including a few that have federal registrations (which is completely optional in the USA).

You would only have problems if you are in a related business to any of the existing brands having the same sound, appearance or meaning (e.g., Bad-boy, BAAD BOY, BADBOY, BADDBOY, BAD BOYZ, etc).

From a quick USPTO search, you need to think about making a completely different brand or a major modification (e.g., "BAD ENOUGH TO BE A BOY", or something new).

Your use of someone else's registered trademark as a "decoration" might make them mad.
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butTeallbah : Can a person or persons sue the government for misuse of tax money and lying to its citizens. For example taxing individuals particularly retirees via devaluation . Such indirection taxation can be considered by a retiree as payment of Tax and therefore considered double Taxation. So sue Goverment for extortion. My logic dicatates the Goverment is a criminal on such grounds, because it is like coming and stealing from my house. My money is my money I cant step into a bank and take their money so logic dictates that the Goverment is not for the people and therefore can be considered to be dissoved and non existent.
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saiskenda : No
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peggyagibsont : You can prepare a case and ask for it to be heard by the supreme court but judge Judy can't settle it
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Pete2011 : Until you learn to spell simple words like "government" and "dissolved" correctly, I'm afraid your whingeing is likely to be ignored (which is as it should be...we would not wish for our ship to be steered by someone incapable or reading a map, would we?)

"Your money" is fiat currency, and only actually HAS any value because your "goverment" (sic) has promised to honor that value...

Wake up and smell the cat food, Ford!
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vobNovepriera : No you can't sue the criminal government.they own you and everybody else. your right the government is not for the people but for the politicans. can't you just be a good slave?
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