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vkusernamee88 : I'm just wondering if there's a limit on temperature is in a kitchen, because on hot days like today it gets to be about 120 or higher in the kitchen and some of the cooks get nose bleeds it's so hot. My boss says the ac works in the kitchen but no breeze comes from the vents. And if there is a limit what is it? And if this is illegal I would like to talk to a lawyer about this. Bc this restaurant has screwed me over so much, on my over time and pay, they short my check about 40 dollars or so. And don't think I notice. I make minimum wage have been working there for two years and in hardly getting by.

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3mastermev : Okay so heres what happen, I was driving in the middle lane of the street, (surrounded by factories, trailer parks, and schoolbusstation) (speed limit is around 25-30) . and made right turn on this small little alley. I slowly stop, had my blinkers on and successfully made a complete right turn (except I turn from the middle lane instead of the right lane which was my mistake and because I dont have a license.)
but I manage enter the little alley lane and once I was in the lane, I heard a car made some loud skidmark noise and 5-8 seconds later ( I was still driving in the alley lane after I made the turn) the car hit me from behind. while the back of my car has only a taillight damaged, a dent on the a door and couple of scracthes, the other guy's car is completely ruined. His front bumper lights and maybe the hood (can't remember) is crushed in pieces but heres whats funny, the driver was pissed off at first at me and wanted some of my information, I only had an ID and showed him that and my grandpa's insurance (the car I drove is under my grandpa's name) when he was looking through it, my father called me from the phone to drive home now because he didn't want the car to be towed, so I drove to my house BUT I walked all the way back to the accident. afterwards, the driver started to be very very cool with me like he wants to be my friend. we talked and stuff but I had bad vibes from him, he looks trouble for some reason, just the way he talks (kinda but not completely look like a cholo) I, on the other hand, never done anything bad with the law before. I mostly a good boy but naive too because I am 21 and still act like a child. (I know, I need to be more responsible.)
But anyways although I have no license, was in the middle lane and made a right turn in the alley, I drove in the alley but 5-8 seconds later, the guy hit me from behind.
This question me, why was the front of the driver's car (it's his dad's car and insured under his name) is completely ruin and damaged while the back of my grandpa's car is not so much damage?
And why did he hit me 5-7 seconds later after I made a complete turn on the alley lane?
I drove around 30mph on the main street, slowed down, stopped and then 20-25 on the alley lane after my right turn..
Why when I made a complete turn, I heard the car noise being super loud?
To me I think he was driving fast and couldn't control it and then he hitted me seconds later after I made a right turn.
Idk, but lately he been very nice and cool with me, like he wants to be my friend ( he keeps calling me and want to treat me out for lunch) Idk I dont trust him now. something is bugging me that it could be his fault too regardless of me turning right on the middle lane and with no DL.
what do you guys think? is it possible I can take it to court and might win this case? or MOST IMPORTANTLY, NOT HAVE TO LOOSE ANYTHING FROM MY POCKETS!?
when the cop came by the car was at my house. the guy told the cop I did a hit and run, but I came back to the accident. (another thing I freaked out was there were witnesses and a lady said I almost ran over her, omg I feel really bad and sicking inside my stomach, I swear I didnt see her, but I kept apologizing to them and I think to the cops too. big mistake rigtht?)
Anyways, the cop took me to my house talk to my dad and said he was gonna arrest me for stealing but my dad said I let him use it, so the cop pretty much gave me a misdemeanor citiation of $700-900 for driving without license. I was really lucky because if I would of never came back or even worse, ran over someone, I could of been away for a long time, (thank god I didn't).
the cop told me that I should get my license before my court date (Oct 23) so it will look like I actually was trying to get my license by practicing driving and maybe will help me for my trial.

What should I do?
I live in Southern California near Riverside.
these pass 3 days I've been feeling guilty and stuff but now after a talk with my father, friends and family. they all said even though it was my fault, it doesn't mean its his fault too because he hitted me first.
What's even funnier is that not only my father, friends, and family told me to not worry too much about it because it happens to everyone , but the guy who car I hit said the same exact thing to me! he told me eveything is gonna be okay, atleast we are not hurt and dont worry man you're not going to jail, you don't have to pay for my car because I have insurance. - the driver

I was really scarred about it and been praying to god day by day that everything will be allright.
How should I feel right now? should I just try to forget about it and move on?
I'm trying to study for my Permit test, go to driving school then get my DL
but I just can't concentrate and been thinking to much about the accident I caused.
I couldnt eat, I couldnt focus, my body felt very ill, my head was hurting and felt super dizzy. I just don't know what to do.
my presciption glasses broke when the accident happen, idk if that helps
oh yeah he wanted my DEBIT Card info and he wrote it all down EVEN MY PIN! and he forgot to give the card back to me!
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EMPIPSADVERSE : ok so h ere is the information.

I have no criminal background, good medigating circumstances(college, wife, own apartment, 23 years old.)

I have a bar lawyer.

chicago illinois cook county

my charge is a first offense dui without a lisence at all, I rear ended a vehical, but they dropped that charge, so it's no longer an aggrevated dui, just a dui.

basically my question is this, I'm not convicted a felony or a misdeanor yet, I had my bond court, I was put on house arrest, violated it, went back to jail then got bonded out.

I went to a probable cause hearing, they found probabal cause, then they assigned me a court room on the next court date, keep in mind that I'm going to the court rooms where felonies are handled, felony traffick.

ok so the last court date the jduge asked if I had a lawyer, I said no, he then let me decide which day I go to court, so I chose august 5th, I got a lawyer, but my drug evaluation is on the 26th, I'm not voncicted yet or on any type of probation or parole, so my question is, what exactly will happen if I drop dirty?

I was at a picnic when this occured, I smoked weed and I drank. I do not think I will drop dirty for anything except the marijuana, because it just takes so damned long to get out of my system, I simply was not given time to get clean O.o If I drop dirty for marijuana will I go to prison? o.e the barr lawyer said as well as a public defender that I could face 1-3 years in the penitentiary. I'm terrified. they've ignored A LOT of the things I did wrong,l like the cop confescated a bottle of pills I had with me that had xanax and tramadols with me, I'm prescribed ativan but not xanax, same class orf drugs. they did not say anything about that, it's not even on the charges against me, and the cop did not mention it in the court house so maybe he took them and popped them himself (LOL!)

;like I said they dropped the aggrevated charge.

they also ignored the fact that the guards beat my ass when I acted out in the bond court.

I think they are even ignoring my house arrest violation. so I'm getting it pretty easy.

I'm going to court in skokie which is why I feel so fucked, and I think my judge is a republican which makes matters even worse.

I go to college, getting a lot of job interviews, I have a wife, a possible child on the way, and absolutely NO criminal background, the lawyer said that the reason I'm facing penetary time is because I had no lisence with me and that is making the situation much worse.

Any information, even if it's not addressing the question of this post, is hella appreciated because I am hella scared. I am a good guy, I'm no criminal, I was just a dude drinking beers and smoking weed with friends who made a dumbass decision. I blew 1.3 on the breathelizer, I figured if I didn't take the breathalizer they would have just blood tested me which would have been much worse.

when I was driving drunk I made sure not to go above 15 mph, I made sure to drive slow enough so incase something did happen it would not have hurt anyone. even though driving that slow is illegal, idgaf.

god bless

-Jeffrey Eric Gutierrez
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Tourcenpeno : Hi, I'm 15 and thinking about becoming a barrister when I'm older. Although ive been reading online and a lot of people have been saying theres too many people wanting to becoming barristers, solicitors etc… so is it worth me even trying to become one? I have also been told a computer can do 90% of the work now
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LaumbNom : A barrister's work is around 60% time spent in court so it would be hard to see how a computer could do that!

A solicitor is the "general practitioner" of the legal profession. He is the first point of contact that most people have with the law (apart from the police). This is also a human-interface profession.

I think that what your informant was referring to is that computer databases hold "the law" now and that the books which traditionally line lawyer's walls are becoming superseded. Unlike the financial world, computer programs cannot perform the type of duties that lawyers do. The law just doesn't work that way.

Solicitors are very over-subscribed. It is hard to get a place as an articled clerk (trainee solicitor) so unless you have a good class law degree you may not stand a chance of a job in a private firm.

Barristers are also over-subscribed and all trainees (pupils) must be accepted by a firm which is a member of one of the Inns of Court. Because it's a supply and demand situation, with supply exceeding demand, you will have to work hard to get a place.

Once you are established the work is very hard and much of it is routine so could become boring. There is BIG money to be made for those who rise to the top of the profession but most solicitors and barristers earn around £80k after about 10 years (a lot less to start with).

There are other legal jobs which most people are unaware of. For example Legal Executive or Paralegal. These are lawyers who work "in the back room" so they don't often meet the public face to face. Look up the ILEX web site for more info.

In the meantime you should spend a day in the public gallery of your local county court. It's open to everyone (airport style security check at the door) to just walk in and watch a trial. See how it looks in reality as compared to tv programmes. Real trials are very different from how they look on telly - and nothing at all like the American ones. Perhaps you can "button hole" a barrister in the canteen at lunch and ask him what it's really like as a job.
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