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SedEvedomum : The judge doing my husband's custody case has a conflict of interest, and it HAS been affecting the case.
He's personal family friends with his ex, and has multiple times mentioned family on first-name basis. However, we've never had a court reporter to get the evidence.

The way our lawyer described it is she will ask the judge to recuse himself, and if he refuses, he'll be forcefully removed.

Can that happen, or not? My mother in law doesn't think it's that easy, at all. What's the catch?

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Cleascacy : A Judge never answer to anyone.
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mugonitok : Your attorney should file the motion, the judge does not have to rec-use himself, but if he is friends with a party to the case he should step aside.
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Drahphawletle : Combine the 2 previous answers and you have the correct answer
1. IF there is a legally cognizable basis - here an apperance of impropriety at a minimum - then your lawyer can move for recusal.
2. However, it is the judge's call. And sadly, they have almost zero accountability to anyone.
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Plaidedem : If you have a lawyer, why would you think anyone on Yahoo!Answers is more qualified or familiar with your facts and the local procedures and laws?

Your question does not include any evidence of a conflict that would have any effect upon the case. In our town the judge knows most of the repeat criminals on a first-name basis, but gets to rule on their cases daily.
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aquaguent : Today at dinner we saw our lanlord drive by slow down and stare in through our window and we were staring right back at him, then he drove off! My husband says he does this a lot! ! this really creeps me out! My husband works 2 weeks of night shifts. Im home alone at that time with my small children. Im worried he may be entering our home while were gone. Weve lived her for 4 mos now and the other day he mentioned he was going to put the house up foe sale. This is not what I had in mind especially having a baby 4 mos ago. He wanted us to be gone while he shows the home (he brought a realtor lawyer so we knew our rights). But getting out and staying out with a 4 mo old and a 22 mo old isnt very easy. I told him that this was a huge inconvienence and wondered if there was a way out of the lease. He text us later on saying he would be willing to termenate our lease and make it a mo to mo and drop our rent. Me and my husbsnd were very nervous about thst and yold him wed think about it. Then the following day he told us he decided not to put up till next year. Big relief but now it creeps me out knowing hes creeping on us in tge evenings and for all I know at night. Is thereva law against this or a right to our privacy? Is there a way we can see if hes entering our home while were gone? Thank you very much
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BabFibShooria : So basically my sister(african American) got let go from her job at the post office after an disagreement with one of her co-workers she filed a complaint as a result. The same incident happened with a white woman the same month and no actions were taken.Chapter 760 of the Florida stututes states "It is against the law to retaliate against an individual because a complaint was filed with the Commission alleging employment discrimination." does this apply here?and does she have a case?
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myrtalegalkoh : You weren't there, you don't have all the facts of the case, and she needs a local labor attorney, not Yahoo, to help her.

The little bit of info you give here isn't enough to even guess if she has a case or not.
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Jessica59 : Yes, she has a case. Obviously, the law was broken. Sadly, she may have to hire an attorney to achieve a successful resolution.
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Gahspooksom : No. There is no case as the actions do not fit the crime and it is likely that there is missing information on your end
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