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CrycleClomoto : i called a lawyer yesterday for a free consultation told him all my info and my side of the story he said i can face serious time so i told him i would call him again so what does he do with my info ? because i found another really good lawyer and had a different point of view and said ill be fine i gave him a different story so does this stay confidential? because he looks like he is trying to scare me to hire him and advise

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frismavaifede : They're not supposed to. But I wouldn't go around giving different stories to people. That lessens your believability.
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kimmurphyo : There is a general idea of ethics with a lawyer that whatever you tell the lawyer should stay in in confidence with the attorney office. As long as you don't give them any sense of you committing a future crime, you should be fine.
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origneeficigo : Well, first, TELL THE TRUTH. Lawyers are scum, who are paid to LIE for you in court. They may think you are scum, but their job is to defend you. Well, at least that is what they claim.

The more stories you tell, the worse it looks on your truthfulness. In other worse, it looks like you lie. So, they already assume you will lie, and this is proof. Half way to a conviction already. If you tell the same story, the truth, over and over, it becomes more believable. It's hard to break.

Now, lawyers can be bought out. Even the one you hire can turn on you. I've had this happen before. Of course, it was the cop who threatened him, but... Trust me, I've never met an attorney who didn't make Satan look like a Saint.

Yes, they will try to scare you. They have to get business somehow. They may tell you you'll get life in prison for speeding 1 mph over the limit.

Go with the one you feel best with, but never trust him. Expect to be left on the stand, with no lawyer, until you walk out the door a free person. It would be NICE if they could only be paid if they win, as it would force them to do their jobs for a change.

You can try to call the Legal Aid Society, or the Bar Association, and find out if they can help. Usually, Aid helps find someone if you can't afford one and the Bar just gives 'ratings' on them. But, it can help. The better a lawyer's rating, though, the more he or she charges. Also, if they are in your area, they may turn on you to keep that rating. :(
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MymnIntatte : my doctor let me suffer for a year i didnt know anything about how to get treated and he let me suffer
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JohnMalkovitzch : On July 7th, 2013 my boyfriend was in a car accident on interstate 81 to go to work. His exit was 310 an he wrecked directly beside it. A man in front of him hit his breaks and my boyfriend tried hitting his but couldn't stop fast enough. The speed limit on 81 is 70 and he was going 65 in the slow lane. It was storming really badly. The water made him hydroplane and he only got to under 45 before he hit the guy infront of him. The insurance is paying for the guys damage and we payed our towing bill and scrapped my boyfriends car. The guy he hit was from NH and the car he was driving belonged to a man from Maryland. The court date is August 19th, 2013 at 9:00am. His charges can be 3 points on his license and or up to a 250$ fine. He's never had any other accidents. He's had one ticket for speeding on 81 going 80 in a 70 mph zone. He paid the ticket and went to traffic school removing the points. That was a little over a year ago. He is going to be 21 in November. He works at the Alamo in Winchester. It's not a very good pay. We would rather not get a lawyer. We would rather pay a fine then have the points on his lisence. Should he get a lawyer?
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Reetuevilkink : More than half of what you wrote here is completely irrelevant to the question.

So, out of all that, the question is does one need a lawyer to help avoid having to pay a fine for reckless driving that caused an accident, when he rear-ended someone and has a prior speeding history.

Answer: yes. A lawyer can advise on all the fun inside things to say or do to convince the judge to be lenient.
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rafaelcnilssono : He was apparently following to close for conditions.
He COULD talk to a lawyer, but it probably won't help much.

He might get a better deal just explaining it to the judge.
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jihuo1408g61 : I am 20 years old and live in Tennessee. I was charged with simple possession (marijuana and hash), paraphernalia, and resisting arrest (misdemeanor). Although I was charged with resisting arrest, the officer ended up not arresting me and wrote me a citation instead. I already have a lawyer and I am going to call him tomorrow but I'm going to be up all night and I figured if any lawyers/judges/police officers are reading this, that maybe you could shed some light.

1) At my arraignment will I have a chance to explain what happened? Or will I simply be presented with the charges against me and be read my rights about an attorney and choose how I wish to plea?

2) Since I have a lawyer already and the charges are all misdemeanors, can I have my lawyer appear at my arraignment for me?

3) Is it likely that I will be drug tested at my arraignment if I do have to appear? (I obviously have not smoked any since this incident happened, but not that many days have passed to make sure that all the THC is out of my system before my court date.)

Thank you all for your time and input!
In what way does anything about this post make it seem like a hoax? I'm not lying about being charged with resisting arrest and never even getting arrested. That is why I have posted numerous questions asking the same thing, it doesn't make any sense.
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SEO_optimalizace_webu : Ask your attorney. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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