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Liaffobilfeli : how to delete a site or content on a site?
My ex gf put all my info & dirty laundry on this forum and every time I search my name its the first thing that comes up in the results. My name is unique so anyone who sees the search results knows its me off the bat.

What do I do? I emailed the admin about 6 months ago but it looks like a page that isn't monitored. It seems like its just gonna be there for years so I am thinking about changing my last name or shortening it. I am going into the law enforcement field so I know somewhere down the road people will start googling my name to see my bio or whatever.

What should I do?


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scanrpinteyrocza : Write an angry blog about it in ALL CAPS.

What she did was legal as long as it did not directly cause you financial harm.
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TOVONOASSOR : There are companies that you can hire that will sanitize your online records for a fee.

Many professionals (especially lawyers and doctors) keep such companies on retainer to catch negative information and reviews immediately and get them deleted before the information can do any damage.
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Enfobendono : It's not defamation if it's true.

Unless she's posting blatant lies about you, then you have no case for defamation (and a pretty weak case for harassment). There are companies you can hire to clean up you online reputation... sometimes they're effective, sometimes they're not.

Usually, once it's online, it's there forever.
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FelmtemnDiept : I was sexually abused and neglected in a Foster Home in 1999/2000 I never knew until the past few years that I could bring DCF to court for knowingly putting me in an unsafe home.. The reason they KNEW the home was not stable was because a few months prior to my being placed with this woman she was beaten and brutally stabbed in the neck by other foster children. DCF placed me there with out giving the woman any proper mental health help. or anything. She should have had her foster parent license revoked at that time to protect HER and US because she obviously never got over the attack. While I was there I was left to fend for myself in a filthy house with little to no food she kept a padlock on the freezer and took the can opener with her when she left the house. She Began to drink all day every day locked herself in the bookshop attached to the house and spent most nights there the only communication I had with her was a baby monitor type system. While she was "off drinking" her friend would come over and sexually assault me almost weekly for a year whenever I told my DCF worker they blew it off as me making up stories because I wanted to be moved to another placement. she drove her car into a tree drunk and we were both injured, I begged the EMT not to let them bring me back there but I was after the foster mother recovered from her injuries.. I broke my arm at school she refused to bring me to a doctor. I thankfully had a family therapy session with my mother that day and she took me to the E.R and I had to have two surgeries. I had to do drastic things to get DCF to remove me from the home. Running away all of the time stealing money stealing alcohol threatening to kill the foster mother. they finally removed me.. I was so glad to be out of there I never brought it up again. and I never knew I could sue them for neglecting to get me out of that bad situation until recently .. I do believe that DCF is responsible for my treatment while I was there. and sadly I was not the last child to be abused and neglected by her. She ended up having her license taken away years later and now has severe dementia brought on by years of drinking. I am looking to hear from any one that has a similar story. I am in vermont and there aren't many Lawyers out there where I am from that are willing to go up against the state in court. a long time has passed but it still doesn't make what happened to me or the other children right and our voice should be heard. I am not looking to sue for monetary compensation I am looking to perhaps pass a new law? Money to pay for therapy and mental health medication would be nice but that is not what I am going for in court.. PLEASE COME FORWARD.. I want to hear your story especially if u have brought ur case to court. whether it was in ur favor or not. please share the case and the outcome.. or you can email me at THANK YOU
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Cryclorgo : In a nut shell my soon to be ex spouse has conjured up lies about me trying to completely take my kids completely away from me. They are in the orange county rescue mission, and from where i stand, seem to have convinced several of them of these lies about me. I feel like I am up against a small army. I don't wanna lose my boys, they are my world. So I need to know how well legal aid fights for people, or if it would be in my best interest to pull everything i have into paying out of pocket for a lawyer. Any information will help, thank you.
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LumiaFresh : consult with legal aid. also do a consult with a lawyer. most of the time the first consult is free. you can compare that way.
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Torrentyzadarmo : I don't think you can get Legal Aid for a Civil case.
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Toomadyettasy : Legal aid is for low income individuals who truly cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. If you have the option then you need to hire a private lawyer.
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poequeexpep : 1) I am not your lawyer

2) your children have no rights in the property unless the will stated so specifically
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