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Joseph Qk : So back in November of 2012, I was involved in a head on collision on my way to work. I took the rest of the week off to rest. I ended up getting an attorney for the accident so I could see a doctor and recover. Due to injuries I was put on restrictions which was given to my manager. I always did my best to still work hard but not hurt myself even more. If I couldn't do something, I would ask for help. In December, other employees from another location were coming in to help especially around the holiday ( I worked in kennel). Again, I was still on restriction but still did my best. Eventually, my hours were changing and I for some reason was scheduled to come in later in the day. I thought everything was fine up until New Years. New Years day I was scheduled to work with someone else. I came in late because my alarm never went off, but I did call AND text the person I was working with to let them know and rushed to work. The day after, I came in at the time I was scheduled and not even an hour later the manager brought me into her office telling me I was suspended. I was confused as to why. She just told me I was suspended for 3 days and if I wanted, I could talk to her during those days. I was upset but I went home. I came in and talked to her. Make a long story short she gave me the option of voluntarily quitting or being fired. Either way I was going to lose my job. She said there was another location who had an opening but it was for a different position. And in order to be hired within the company again (It's a huge corporate) I would have to voluntarily quit so I wouldn't have a probation period. So I did thinking she was going to transfer me to another hospital. I was never transferred. I ended up applying for unemployment, which took FOREVER, but I also had to do an over the phone trial. On the phone, the manager told the judge that she had given me several warnings and some sort of plan to improve my work. None of this never happened. No one ever came to talk to me nor did I ever get any kind of plan. Later on in the trial, the judge asked if she would ever recommend me for a job, the manager said no because I don't do my job. I have ALWAYS been a hard worker. I would come in on my days off, or change my schedule if it needed to be done, I would give up my holidays to go and work. Now, before and during this trial I was applying for job. Jobs that I was COMPLETELY qualified for. After hearing what my manager said about recommending me, I feel like the reason I haven't received any phone calls or interviews is because she is putting in a bad word for me. So my question is, do I have a legitimate case or not? And if so, do any of you know of any great lawyers in the Vegas area?
Also, as far as being late, that was the one time I was ever that late. When I first started working, my supervisor told me that I needed to be at work anywhere from 7am and 7:15am. My fiancee and I share a car so I would get there no later than 7:15.

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Smaluemelmisy : I would say that going to work late would be grounds for terminating you. You should apply for jobs that consider scheduled work hours only to be a suggestion.
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cntvnhbn : I've always wanted to become a patent lawyer. I'm entering college, so I'd love to know. Which engineering degree is best for PLs? I wanted to do Electrical Engineering, but my mum (RN Nurse) says it's overdone--my aunt's a paralegal who majored in engineering--and I don't want to do a degree that's overdone, nor that's too rare.
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scanrpinteyrocza : He got a letter (in German as they live there) from his Uncle's lawyer, saying that as his Uncle has now died he is entitled to a quarter of the value of the flat and his brother is entitled to another quarter. His Auntie is entitled to the other half, and currently lives in the flat. This is a bit of an educated guess because the letter is written in German and he doesn't speak it fluently. He didn't see his Uncle often at all, so thinks this is incredibly generous and is really grateful. This would be so helpful to us, to help us to buy a flat of our own as we are currently renting and have only saved about half the money we need for a deposit. However, he wouldn't want to ask his Auntie to sell the flat as she still lives there, so is there anything he can do to get the money, or does he need to wait until his Auntie dies/moves? He's not too sure what to do in this situation, and no one in his family dares to speak to his Auntie about it.

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TUTPeessyboms : First of all write to Auntie, or be even more gracious, and go to visit. You could even just invite her to visit you. Next ask a building society. They might be able to accept his share of the house as a guarantee for the deposit.
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arrormaginy : No doubt the Will says they don't get anything until Aunty dies. He needs it translated properly.
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theomarttesqarxvd : The Will has left your bf a share in your uncle's flat. There will be a lot of other legal clauses and provisions in this which you obviously don't know about.

It is normal for the widow to be granted permission to live in the flat for the rest of her life. If that is one of the provisions of the Will then your bf and his brother cannot realise (sell) the flat and take the money. They can only do this if the aunt buys their shares. So if she does not have the money to buy your bf quarter share then there is nothing he can do about it until she dies or moves out.

It may be possible for you to use the "equity" in the flat as a deposit for a mortgage but do not be too hopeful about that. This means signing over the value of his 1/4 share to the mortgage lender; and estimating when the aunt will die; and what the value will be when that happens.
There will be problems about guessing the value of the flat when it's finally sold, and relating to €/£ exchange rates - which can change unpredictably in that time. Only your own bank or lender can advise about that.

What your bf should really do is to go to Germany and speak to the solicitor in person. Then he will get the Will and the whole situation explained properly, and the implications following from it.

If it is discussed within the family without knowing the clear legal position it may lead to rows and bitterness (I have experience of this); and you will only get "best guesses" from people on this forum.

Write to the German solicitor and make the appointment, remember to ask for an English translation. When you have done that you should book a couple of nights in a nearby hotel (don't just turn up and hope for a room).

It will be worth the time and cost of a few days "over there". When your bf has spoken to the solicitor and got the facts he should talk to his proposed mortgage lender/building society.

Not only that but it may also take a couple of years for the uncle's estate to pass through the German version of Probate. So patience is important. It may be better to look at the 1/4 flat as a deferred saving for several years in the future rather than as money to be used now. You'll only know when you have properly discussed it with the solicitor and your bank - in that order.
Good luck.
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Awork : Start contacting lawyers that specialize in wills and real estate issues. Tell them before your appointment that you have a complicated situation that includes a will written in German. They will be able to tell you if they can take on your case or not.
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Noithholi : He needs to get a german speaking lawyer and find out what his options are. From the sound of it he gets nothing until auntie dies.He won't even get much then because she may have willed her half of the flat to another family member,its complicated so he needs legal advice.
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Majuceak : Do you honestly think, thru the fog of greediness, that the uncle intended on your greedy boyfriend to insist on throwing the aunt out? He only has a quarter share of the place. Brother has the other quarter share.

Pretty sure uncle did not want aunt thrown out on the street, and he's probably rolling over in his grave.

Push it with the aunt, and you may find a changed will, without boyfriend in it.
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