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Chesforse : In January of this year I was involved in a Major car wreck.. After waiting for a light to turn green, I was T-Boned by a Sears appliance delivery vehicle. The Sears Van slammed into my drivers side door causing me back injuries and a fractured nose.. I went to the hospital , had to have leg surgery and back surgery... The injuries were not life threatening, but I was to injured to return back to work.. Still out of work..

About a week after the crash, I set up an appointment with a personal injury attorney here in my City.. The lawyer explained that he would sue them for pain and suffering, plus missed work.. He put me on a 33% contingency. I agreed and signed up with his office to represent me... At the time I signed up with him I had just finished my two surgeries, and was still attending physical therapy.. He told me once my physical therapy was over with, he would seek the damages but I would need to be recovered..

Fast fast forward to May.. 4 months later.. I'm all done with my physical therapy.. My doctors tell me I'm all finished and this is my last day, they tell me to have my attorney contact them so they can forward my paperwork to my lawyer for my lawsuit.. The same day, I contact my attorney, he said he would get the info.. I asked him if he needed the phone number of my doctor, he said no because it's all in my file... 2 months later ( July 2nd ), I get a call from my doctor, he says my attorney never contacted him to collect the paperwork.. I call the lawyer, this time the lawyer asks me to give him the fax and office number of my doctor.. He said he would get the paperwork ASAP.. I call my doc back to let him know the lawyer is calling today to get the paperwork...

Fast forward to today ( July 17th) My doctor calls me again and tells me he has still not heard from my attorney! Frustrated out of my mind, I call the lawyer again.. I was very upset but I was very calm and I asked him directly " Why haven't you or anyone from your offices called my doctors office to claim the paperwork, it's been nearly 3 months since I finished therapy".. My lawyer snapped back and said in a very rude tone of voice this exactly " Look Mr--, Just call the doctors office and have them fax me the damn papers"... I said " Woah, no need to get upset with this, You told me on 2 occasions that you would contact them and get work".. He fires back at me and say's "Sir, usually the attorney doesn't do that, your doctor can just send me the papwerwork, it's that simple"...

My question is, when I called my lawyer back in May to let him know I was finished, why didn't my attorney just tell me then, or ask me to have the doctor fax the stuff to him? On top of that, My lawyer knows I'm currently benched from work over my injuries, if he had told me this back in May, I would assume my settlement would be further progressed? I really don't appreciate his attitude and his demanding I have them fax the stuff over to them. I just don't understand this he takes 33% of the settlement, and he's having me run around and send him the paperwork? He won't even pick up the phone and call to ask them to simply fax my stuff over? He told me to get back in touch with my doctor and tell them to fax the stuff over to his office?
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ChetAnned : Your running too fast he only needs the paper work when he goes to court which is way down the road call you lawyer back and tell him your sorry and realise he/she has many cases it just your nervous about all of this or get a new lawyer
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songfeng400 : You haven't described anything that the bar association will get involved in. What you have described is rude behavior - but the bar association intervenes when attorneys are accused of violating the rules of professional conduct (stealing, lying, etc.)

I actually found myself puzzled over why you didn't pick up the paperwork or otherwise arrange to have it delivered to your attorney's office. And it is very unusual for an attorney to call a doctor to ask for documentation. I am also wondering why your doctor's office told you to have your attorney contact them for the paperwork. Generally, you would have just asked the doctor's office to mail the packet to your lawyer. I'm not sure why your doctor wants to make the attorney jump through hoops.

33% (plus costs, I'm assuming) generally does not result in a windfall for the attorney. It is entirely reasonable for the attorney to expect you to make sure the necessary documentation is delivered to him - though he didn't have to be so rude about it.
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hiegululnenny : Yes I know I'm a terrible person because I had an abortion, but it was suggested for health reasons, and you don't know the circumstances. This is what happened I went to planned parenthood and had an abortion and received an implant for birth ccontrol. There was an ma shadowing the procedure and she is married to my ex boyfriends friend. Later after my procedure I began getting text from my ex telling me that she told him everything about me being there and the procedure, who I was with etc. This is a clear violation of hippa. What can I do, she should lose her license for this.
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Enrinueexpess : Start by getting her caned at planned parenthood.

She has a boss. Report her.
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ontognoks : This question should be asked of a lawyer.
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ViettePen : I'm in New Brunswick, Canada. My neighbour has been a constant problem and constructed an invasive road through our yard without an easement on our land certificate, it's been a constant battle for a year now. They took us to court and made an application to have it recognized. Years ago, there was a path where they put the road, but it was not an original easement, was never documented, and was not used since 1987.

They were unsuccessful in their application but only because we brought lots of evidence and went through all kinds of stuff, including having lawyers defending us. According to the rules of court, the judge could in no way grant them the application, but referred the matter to a trial if need be.

Our neighbours have finally come back with an offer to build a new road over a corner of our property that is far less invasive. It should be noted they had 2 other driveways; one which went over a waterway that was washed out in a flood, and the other original driveway which they feel is not suitable (too narrow/steep, etc., although I know people with worse).

I know we'd most likely win at a trial. But honestly, I don't want to go through it. I'd have to defend myself as I don't have the money to pay a lawyer (this has already cost us around $3000). I'm inclined to let them have this new driveway. I was under the impression there were 3 kinds of right-of-ways; deeded (where it's recorded and documented), prescriptive (where it's just been in continuous use for 20 years or more), or permissive (where it's simply a permission from one to another). I thought that with a permissive right-of-way there were provisions like that it could be revoked, it dies at time of sale or transfer, etc. However, I can't find any supporting documentation, rules or legislation that I can point to and refer to about this.

Is there any where I can refer to for this? I looked through CanLII but found nothing.
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AdupsMund : I live in Washington state btw. I let my friends borrow a tool box with $350-$400 worth of tools and now they wont give it back. I know its not a lot of money, but I don't think its fair to let them keep it. They are not in town all summer, and haven't been answering my phone calls. I really need the tool box back, but its locked up in their house. What could I legally do to get the toolbox back?
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Cicelypalagonia4 : There is wrkless so need any odr wrk
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olgabuzova : You can call the police and report the tools and tool box stolen. Explain that they don't have permission to have them anymore, have refused to return your property, and will be leaving town soon.

You should also file a lawsuit in your local small-claims court (check with your county courthouse). It's pretty cheap to file, you don't need a lawyer, and you can ask the court to order your "friends" to either return the tools and tool box or pay you the value of them. If they don't show up and you get a default judgment, you can then ask the county sheriff to help you satisfy the judgment by going to your friends' house and taking the tools and tool box back.
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