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Poendypyday : He went to school and dropped put a bunch of times. He was in a car accident where his father died and he was badly burned about the eyes, wound up paralyzed I think he lost his hands as well. While in the hospital he tried committing suicide multiple times, then he eventually was sent home, and he still attempted suicide. He went back and forth from home to the hospital then tried school and dropped out and went back, then back to the hospital and still tried to kill himself, even pleaded for doctors to assist. He eventually went to law school and became a patients rights attorney. I forgot his name and can't find it anywhere, can someone help?

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JaneDraaf : This who you're looking for?
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y8es6sho0v : I got caught stealing a radar detector, and have been to court 3 times. This would have been my fourth but I go to school every week day now and this one completely slipped my mind. I know Ill probably get criticism for this, considering its yahoo answers, but I need real advice. Should I just call the court coordinator, I have a lawyer, although he doesn't really communicate with me too often (the reason Ive had to go 3 times now). Please real advice, Im trying to change my ways, today was just an honest mistake.
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Gymnmoopamb : You have a lawyer, so call him. He was probably at court and threw you under the bus to save his own face. I'm just kidding, he possible just asked for the case to be rescheduled. Call him and ask him what you should do. The sooner you call, the better. Ask him if you need to call the court and reschedule.
If you didn't have a lawyer, you would definitely need to call the court, because they probably would issue a bench warrant for your arrest. In some states they can try you in absentia without you knowing.
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olgabuzova : Bench warrant.

Not the way to do things man.
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MaydayQuizbiz : You now have a bench warrant and the only way to make it go away is to turn yourself for arrest and bail out.
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crydayspusync : Talk to the office workers at the lawyers office.
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upsellweast : My gm (general manager) stole money from the store about 2 months ago. She told me she did 2 weeks ago nd has been asking to barrow money from me. I was really scared to tell someone because if she wasn't fired she could retaliate on me. Well about 2 days ago The area director came down nd wanted to know where the 2 deposits were. I didn't tell him till today after I told the police. The police questioned me today acting like I was the person who sole the money so I had to confuse to them what my gm told me nd I called the area director nd told him too. So what I am asking is what is gonna happen to me? Will I be fired as well? Should I get a lawyer? I just dont know what I should do. Im the agm btw.
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KenGepeinsuts : As horrible as it is, i know i made a HUGE mistake. I had lied about this man i baby sat for and said i was in a sexual relationship with him, he got charged with sexual assault on a minor and child enticement... I was upset with him... he has been in jail since april and goes to trial september. Hes so scared hes facing 75 yrs so he'll take a plea deal for something he did not do... He hasnt said i lied because he knows they wont believe him... i went to court for a different case and had told the judge i lied... he didnt believe me... I need to know what i can do... can i contact HIS public defender and tell him i lied? the man never admitted to this. because its nt true....
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yughkygsrlxh : No telling how many people are in jail because someone lied about sexual abuse. You have done a horrible thing but hopefully you can make it right. You need to have someone contact the defense attorney and tell him you lied. A public defender doesn't care about this guys guilt or innocence. all he cares about is cutting a deal and moving on, so, unless you come forward and let it be known you lied this guy is going to jail for something he didn't do.
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