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HeteHailm : I took my kitty to the vet for sniffling. He told me it was pneumonia, gave her an antibiotic shot (Convenia), saw her two weeks later to give her a clean bill of health. The sniffling was mostly resolved although she was still sneezing. Two weeks after that, her sniffling returned. I took her to a different vet and radiographs and nasal flushing showed nasal lymphoma. I returned to vet #1 for a copy of the kitty's chart because she needed a CT Scan and discovered he had ruled out pneumonia in the chart. He deliberately lied to me, leading me to believe she had pneumonia and that his antibiotic had resolved it. I want his head on a plate. He was deliberately, maliciously negligent. I can't prove what he told me but the chart speaks for itself. He didn't bother to diagnose a cause for her sniffling. How do I find a vet, retired or currently active, who will review the chart and render an opinion? I've called several people in the area and they won't get involved. The cat is dead now, euthanized because the lymphoma had destroyed her bone tissues during the five precious weeks we lost while he deceived me.

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pneupejed : sorry for your loss, but it will probably be hard to find a lawyer as well since there would be very little monetary damages for a dead kitten
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Uttegowag : sorry to hear about your cat. but unfortunately you can't win a suit of this type. courts don't consider a cat the equal of a person, and you can't get a million dollars in damages for the death of a cat like you can for the death of a person. but the costs of bringing a malpractice suit against a vet would be just as high as bringing a malpractice suit against a people doctor. sorry.
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Edillcelf : I have a unpaid speeding ticket from 3 years ago i just kept forgetting about...... my license has been suspended for sometime and i don't know if i should try to pay it without consulting a lawyer....... I have severe anxiety and can't speak in front of a court.... would a lawyer be able to take care of this for me or be able to do all the talking should i have to go to court? i have no other criminal history and am extremely worried about the situation... i would pay a lawyer just do to the talking and i am guilty of the situation
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DrSandraVann : Just go in and speak the truth. Offer to pay, apologize and be done with it.
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Ubnolermef : You can find a criminal defense attorney who specializes in traffic law by doing some online research.

Paying your speeding ticket isn't going to reinstate your license. There will be additional hoops you are going to have to jump through. (There is probably an outstanding warrant for your arrest for failure to appear.)

If you have severe anxiety, then I would suggest that you stop procrastinating and deal with this because I'm guessing you would not do well getting arrested. Being proactive is the best way to resolve this.
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smediavevield : My landlord has tried taking me to court on multiple occassions, so that he can evict my family, stating that I do not pay rent on time. Lucky for me, is that I do pay my rent on time and do have means of proving it. My landlord likes to charge me the court filling fee, when it is their mistake. They actually damaged my reputation, making it extremely hard to find another apartment. My lease had to be extended for 60 days,

So I finally found an apartment, and my current landlord sent a letter saying he will forcibly evict me on the 24th (He has court order) when we have paperwork saying that I am allowed till the 29th. My apartment is not even ready until the 29th...

The last time they sent me a letter to court, once I showed my bank statements, they said I didn't have to go to the hearing. Obviously I didn't, but they slapped the court fee on me, and they never cancelled the court.

Is this harassment? Some of my neighbors are/have dealt with the same situation. Should I seek a lawyer?
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dokoccund : That could be harassment. I wouldn't bother with a lawyer, just get the hell out.

He can't forcibly evict you without a court order, and he can't get a court order without a trial.
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nztjqvbovxna : And she's the mean one?

It may be a long story but hitting your husband with a frying pan is no more acceptable than him hitting you which I'm assuming you would object to.

I don't think there's much of a case if your husband isn't going to support the charge and since you are married, he can't be forced to testify against you. I think (assuming this is a real post, somewhat questionable) she's just trying to create trouble.
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Pusakates : if she did not witness it, she can't file for domestic abuse

however, she can & should talk her son into filing a police report

then his sister can help him prosecute you

it probably would hurt less... in the long run... to let her get her way & have him even the score --- then both of you need to get into marriage counseling
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