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rarsepoetry : I have this feeling that part of the property I now own was blasted into space to form the moon. I now claim all the mining rights and should any person set foot on my property(the moon) will feel the full wrath of the English legal system. I will sue for trespass and damage to property,

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aZoTGwFg : I own the moon, therefore you cannot.
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Appaniadutt : Great idea, go for it but only take your case to the best lawyer as they will be the most impressed!
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Kecysypecrade : Omg bro
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Abigail_West_Virginia : Yes of course you can own it. You will need to live on it for over 12 years and then claim adverse possession.
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GomiToido : "Your rights are only as good as your ability to enforce them." An unscrupulous lawyer would be willing to take all of your money in an effort to zealously pursue your "rights" in just about anything.
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vkusernamee88 : I'm just wondering if there's a limit on temperature is in a kitchen, because on hot days like today it gets to be about 120 or higher in the kitchen and some of the cooks get nose bleeds it's so hot. My boss says the ac works in the kitchen but no breeze comes from the vents. And if there is a limit what is it? And if this is illegal I would like to talk to a lawyer about this. Bc this restaurant has screwed me over so much, on my over time and pay, they short my check about 40 dollars or so. And don't think I notice. I make minimum wage have been working there for two years and in hardly getting by.
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sageseepamb : My son passed away few weeks ago. I was told by the bank that holds our mortgage on our home that I didn’t need to go to a lawyer because everything we have we owned jointly with full rights of survivorship. the loan application states title will be help in X, Y, Z name and its Joint tendency with right to survivorship . X and Y being me and my husband and Z being our son. When the house was bought my son was single man and at the time of death he was married has one son.

Now I happened to go to our county website its states its all based on the deed.

this is what it says The survivorship clause on the deed, will determine if an interest needs to be Probated. Legal advise is advised. My deed has my name, my husband and son name as owners, it shows the house was sold by and purchased by us for the amount.
It doesn't have survivorship clause at all on it. it states subject to easements and restriction of record if any and taxes and assessments which constitute a lein but are not yet due and payable.

together with all singular the tenements hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining for the sum of 250,000

my deed doesn't say if its tendency in common or joint tendency or anything in that nature.

Was this information correct or do I have to do something else?

Its bit confusing that my mortgage company tells me title transfer to me and my husband and on loan paperwork its say title to be held as joint tency with right to survivorship but there nothing on deed. Does it go to probate or not or transfer automatically to me and my husband his share.
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LYPOLDDRORS : Unfortunately, you will need to take all of your title paperwork and deeds to a lawyer. If the deed does not indicate "joint tenancy," or "joint tenancy with right to survivorship," or something similar, then the law of most states is that ownership is tenants in common by default. The loan application is irrelevant. But you will need a lawyer to read the deed and make that determination. And, just to add, if ownership is tenants in common, and your son did not have a will, then his spouse inherits his share of the house.

Again, go see a lawyer.
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Affestytrit : the website tells you ...
LEGAL ADVISE IS ADVISED. Yeah.. I think it is logical to go with that statement. Banks do mortgages. Courts do probate. They have different perspectives (and may not have all details, or things that might have changed).
You have a lot of money at stake here. We are just folks chatting about simple legal topics..NOT LAWYERS.
You would lose a lot if done incorrectly.
Legal advise IS advised.
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