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aZoTGwFg : So i own a bong and only use it when i have friends over and we smoke weed out of it but it is very easy to clean, and i can get it to where there is no resin and the smell is gone (Making it look brand new). Since im 18 im allowed to smoke tobacco out of it which i wont but whenever i go on a trip i do want to bring my bong with me (i will clean it before taking it). As long as it has no marijuana smell or resin in the bong i should be fine right?

I live in Virginia also

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easettape : Don't do drugs.
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weiqoiu6a : It's an easy conviction.

Drug residue is present, even when you think you've cleaned it. Which means that K-9 unit is goign to bust you. Which in some places means they keep your car and make you fight to get it back.

Only children like to have absurd appliances to ritualize their drug habits.

That myth of it being for tobacco products, doesn't help you in most states where they make you pay for tests (which you wouldn't pass) proving it's never been used for drugs.
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goodevry12 : Ya you should be fine I always take a pipe with me on the plane but make sure there's no resin I clean mine by rinsing it then place it in a zip lock bag half way full with salt then add rubbing alcohol shake it for 10 mins the rinse and repeat a couple times and if you want to be extra careful I would burn tobacco in the bowl but you probably won't be able to remove that smell
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sBRwdShx : I'm sure the bong laws vary from state to state. You might consider getting a conceal/carry permit, and make sure the bong's not loaded!
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NerabetribBot : dont chance it you will get cought
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Frotkishoto : Watch out. If they find a tenth of a gram you get a month in prison.
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AsymnKen : Having several run ins with the :"LAW" I will say that you should never trust the police !

They will lie if they think they can get away with it and it will cost you dearly to get whatever they take back..
So regardless of if ownership of 'drug paraphernalia' is legal or not , regardless of whether you have used the bong or not, maybe you,just purchased it because it looked cool and you thought a friend would like it, the police will swear in a court of law that it was recently used and has illegal substances in it. The police are little more than alternative revenue collection device and ANY reason to seize property or fine someone is all too often taken by the police.
Even IF it is perfectly legal to own a bong and smoke marijuana where you live DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TRUST THE POLICE in that matter ! NEVER EVER !

IN the USA it is best to error on the side of caution lest you loose thousands of dollars in lawyer and court costs ((you will be charged for court cost even if proven innocent) and months or years of angst
The American judicial system is of by and for the rich and meant to drain money from you one way or another. Only the rich benefit in the American just us system.

Now if you have a lawyer on call 24/7 that is to say you have a lawyer on retainer , and you are willing to burn money to annoy the American just us *(justice) system then it does not matter because as OJ proved ,with enough money you can get away with murder. He is only in jail now because he ran out of money.
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SedEvedomum : The judge doing my husband's custody case has a conflict of interest, and it HAS been affecting the case.
He's personal family friends with his ex, and has multiple times mentioned family on first-name basis. However, we've never had a court reporter to get the evidence.

The way our lawyer described it is she will ask the judge to recuse himself, and if he refuses, he'll be forcefully removed.

Can that happen, or not? My mother in law doesn't think it's that easy, at all. What's the catch?
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Cleascacy : A Judge never answer to anyone.
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