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nesbitt379 : When we still live in Miami FL, around year 2009, me & my husband got separated and I did put him on child support. By doing that I also got some benefits for my son like food stamp, medicaid, WIC, etc.. But not even a year we got back to each other & after months we moved out of Florida due to work related. We didn't try to attempt closing/terminate the child support even though we're together because we know it will be a lot of work & as I said, we move to other State so we can't even go in person. But now, we are buying a house here in Texas and the bank is having issue w/ the child support, they are counting it against my husband. It can be a reason for us not to get approve. Some people advised us to just get a lawyer & supposedly they can do everything for us w/o us going to the court. Is it true? We are kind of skeptical to pay/spend money to a lawyer if we are not sure it can be done.

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aliefique : your priorities just blow my mind. how were you so quick to put him on child support then so quick to want him off then think you can get him off while living in another state with him? im kind of worried that someone allowed you to have a child.
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MrJasonStar : The lawyer can tell you what options you have.

Child support is a court order. You can't just ignore a court order.
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reetemics : My family owned a piece of land in which there are rights to constructing housing estates.
After the death of the family member who owned the land (I won't go into details), my family can inherit various components of the estate, one can succeed the land and the money of the estate can be split between the family.

However, we didn't touch the inheritance or do anything about it, and after a while the government took the estate in as part of the state. However, it's only been a relatively short while after the deadline for accepting the inheritance, so is it possible to file a lawsuit and win the inheritance back from the state and the government?
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preadledema : Property will "escheat" to the state when there's no will and no heirs under the state's intestacy scheme.

It's possible to contest this but it requires a lawyer. There's just no way you can do this on your own.
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FIDonald : OK. ... give your inheritance to the lawyers instead ... !
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QuotteApegeve : first, mention what government interests you. Is it Mexico or New Mexico or Iraq? And how the government came to take the property? Was it non-payment of taxes?
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goodevry8 : I hurt my back about a year ago , I reached MMI about 6 month ago with a6% disability rating. I hired a workman comp lawyer because one doctor tells me to get treatment the doctor doing the treatment says he needs approval from the insurance and the insurance never approves it ,, the basic run around. I finally had enough of my job B..S and ended up quitting because of the working condition. There's a lot of details that I'm leaving out in regards to what i feel went one that was harassment and other issues ,, but to simply sum it up they would send a 85 yrs old employee to help me lift 100 lbs equipment. I let HR know about it for almost a year before I finally had enough.

I filed for unemployment and mind you I put everything down the issues I felt were harassment and the fact that the restrictions were not followed ( lifting nothing over 30lbs) . I received a letter from unemployment and I need a second opinion about what this letter really means, it s as follow:

Sec 1 notice of determination├é┬*

Claimant left job due to dissatisfaction with working condition. It has been established that the condition were such to constitute good cause for leaving. Determination is issued in accordance with section 443.101

Sec2 determination

The quitting was with good cause attributable to the employer

Sec 3 employer charge ability├é┬*

Benefits paid will be charged to employers account

Its a sort and sweet letter but I had hoped to find someone that's been threw this or any opinion about what does the letter really mean. I do have a lawyer but its always hard to get on the same page with him so before I get the answer to see a lawyer I wanted to form my own opinion by trying to gather up some facts. Thanks for any help
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HaubSyday : It means you qualify for unemployment benefit and the account means from the employers tax payments to unemployment. That part has nothing to do with you personally. It just means the employer bares the business tax liability to unemployment
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seogertafor : I don't know why you want to move out but inorder to at 17 you have to be emancipated which can only be granted by your parents I think...... Go to the police but go outside of the town you live in because like you said your dad works there.. So some more research abouts the emancipation process though
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