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Miztiessy : I was a passenger in a car along with 2 others when my friend got pulled over. The police officers asked my Mexican friend to step out of the car, and proceeded to harass him for having a Mexican I.D. and not an American I.D. Since I knew my friend was in fact a legal citizen, and I saw tensions escalating a little too quickly, I pulled out my phone and started recording the conversation. One of the police officers saw me with my phone, and asked what I was doing with it. I told them I was recording them and they proceeded to say it was a violation of Pennsylvania wiretap laws, and that I was committing a felony. My heart started pounding because of the way I saw my friend be treated, and also because I wasn't too sure if what I was doing was right. He asked me to step out of the car, and then started accusing me of being "wasted" and "hammered," and kept asking me how much I had to drink. At first I denied having any sort of an alcoholic beverage that night, until he brought up how much trouble he was already going to get me in for having recorded them. He told me I was going to get a felony charge along with some other crazy charges if I wasn't honest with him, so I panicked and told him I had a drink that night to be compliant. Well, turns out an underage arrived in the mail, and the Pennsylvania wire tap violation was complete bull shit; he only used it to scare me. Now I'm stuck with this underage that I shouldn't of have gotten, and I have no idea how to fight it. I'm scared If I tell the truth without a lawyer (which I cannot afford) the judge will just take the cops word... Does anyone have any suggestion or actual knowledge of how to deal with this situation? Thank you!

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siNataliLobanova : A friend of mine was a victim in a trial in which the acused was not found guilty. However, the judge said he beileved the witnesses but it came down to oath against oath and due to the nature of the act there was very little evidance. The judge said in his findings that he believed the victim and found the acused to be not a good witness.

My question is can she claim compensation if there was not a guilty plea? Everyone believes her and knows that the crime took place, even the judge but the lack of evidance took its toll. She has never played the victim card or even spoke about compensation, she deserves something and i want to help find out what can be done.

I am pretty sure she can take him to civil court where the burden of proof is lower than that of criminal court. If there was enough to get to trial then there should be enough to win in civil court.

All advice is appreciated

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Pusakates : I'm writing a story for an English lesson about a woman who owns a very successful law firm but when coming on to a particular scene where i want to talk a bit about her work,what she does and how she became so successful, i don't know what to write as i don't really know what happens in a law firm and what kind of work is done. Is a law firm only for one particular sort of lawyer or is it for more than one type of lawyer?

If you could help me with this i would be more than appreciative. Thank you :)
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Loothemow : If you don't even know what lawyers do, then maybe you shouldn't have a lawyer be one of your characters.
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cqeolvo1 : We are all on the lease.
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Layetelaydrax : That is a tough one... I could try to give you advice... but I would just be guessing.

Call a lawyer and set up an appointment for an hour and pay the hundred dollars and get REAL advice. I am sure there is a way to do this, but living in a place with illegal activity going on is dangerous. I know you would rather not pay a lawyer, but that is what they do for a living and they are the experts. Pick one in the phone book near you, call nad tell the receptionist briefly what you want to talk to the lawyer about and then if she agrees that the lawyer can help you, find out the price and set up an appointment.
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punov128 : well, you can tell the landlord and they will either kick your room mates out or all of you out. can you
afford the rent without room mates?
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Faceblate : You are all in violation of the lease. Move out and replace with a weed smoking roomate. Since your are tenants in common the only way to break the lease is to move under the lease terms for void of contract. Check your lease and there should be a clause for interuption or cancelization. You don't want to alert them because your credit is tied to the lease. This will keep them from wanting revenge. Good luck.
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hiegululnenny : A landlord would kick them out if he knew as its a clear violation of a lease to do something illegal...but he could call the police and you could get in trouble just by your presence...I would move out...if they sue you tell the court what activities were going on...the key here is you have to move, not be involved with the illegal activty at all if you are it will be hard to use it as an excuse...but get out you may lose part of your security you paid but that's the cost of not knowing who you choose as a roommate...but to free yourself of possible criminal consequences move out immediately and then inform (call a criminal law attorney for advice but you have to get out of a place where illegal activity is going on cause if you know and stay you will have a hard time telling the police that you knew stayed and had nothing to do with it...) also when you say growing if you mean a growing area more than simple personal use get could be in a state where it is legal and they could have a medical license...if not get out
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