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Parkerb : I'm writing this for my bro. He lives in va and is paying child support to his child's mom in ca. He is entitled to phone calls and he is being denied by them. Is there anything he can do living in a dif state. Also they take more then half his check is there a way to get his amount lowered he has two other children that he lives with and needs to care for as well.

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Plaitikepak : If he wants the amount they take to be adjusted, he needs to go back to court over this, and it may actually need to be in the location the children are living.

Also, if the court has ordered he has the right to talk to them on the phone a certain amount of time weekly or monthly or whatever, if she isn't letting him, she could be charged with contempt of court and he could easily use this to fight for a change in custody and possibly the support amount.

Really though, he needs to consult his lawyer and go back to court to fix some of these things.
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EmakyRageerak : My father passed away 2 months ago and to put the will into probate I need the original. It is a very simple estate so I'm doing it myself. I have been calling the lawyer who has it for almost 2 months, which is about 5 or 6 times and left messages with his secretary. However, I've never gotten a call back. The secretary told me its in his archived files but doesnt know how long it will take. So, my question is.... How long does it really take? And, do the lawyers give the client (my father) an original that I may not have found?
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AnneriaMice : About 10 minutes. Two months is absolutely ridiculous.
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VRudikon :
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Sonephede : Do you mean the chances of being found guilty or not guilty by a jury, after a trial? If so, that all depends on the evidence of a particular case, and the quality of the attorneys for the prosecution and the defense.
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qcharlesc : The chances have nothing to do with the plea entered. You either are or you are not.

The vast majority of people plead not guilty. That's routine. It is not saying they are innocent, it just says they want the state to prove legally that they are guilty.

So there is no meaning to your question.
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Alea_SPe : A high percent of cases start with a plea bargain. In some jurisdictions, that can be as high as 90%

Of the cases that actually go to trial, once again, the percentages are very high (80%-90%) end up with a guilty verdict.
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FDServicee : the worst prosecutor in the u.s. gets a conviction for something in 90 percent of the trials.
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wegeillisee : Entirely dependent on the circumstances of the case. This is essentially an impossible to answer question.
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