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profileback498 : my bf got arrested on a theft charge(50 to 500),did 3 for 1 in jail and got time served for the case,but she had a warrant out for her arrest with a different county for theft also but this one was(500 to 1500) and she got bonded out.her bond was 2000 but paid 200 to get her out.she has her court date in a few weeks,what will the judge do because I know they look at past criminal history.can she get a good lawyer to fight this?is it possible to get probation or labor detail? she was lucky enough to even get her job back so shes tryna do good and better herself.

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cronsonia : My cousin is suffering from severe foot burns caused by acid while on the job. He went to the hospital and the doctor gave him a cream and told him to use as directed. The cream made his feet worse.
My cousin went to another hospital. That doctor said he has bacterial growth in his foot and gave him pain killers (not antibiotics?!?!?). The doctor also told him to stay off his feet and wear socks daily.
The job is insisting that my cousin come to work despite that fact that he can't walk. Can anything be done with the job and/or the hospitals? [Location: N. Carolina].
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Actinnasniste : Without knowing what cream and what problems happened with the first doctor, it's impossible to comment on that. Just because he got worse is meaningless, since people often do get worse even with the best of treatments.
As for the second doctor, again, there's not nearly enough information available. But systemic antibiotics are rarely indicated for burns with localized infection. They generally do more harm than good. It's a reasonable bet that doctor was doing his best.
If he can't work, he can't work. The job may just have to go away. He may need to consult a lawyer about OSHA, potential negligence by the employer, etc. but if he burned himself by doing something stupid, he's probably SOL.
You seem to have the concept that somebody other than he is responsible for a happy ending. Not so.
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Jestreems : I missed court today for a felony. I know there will a warrant out for my arrest. they might come to my house. What can I do to fix this so I don't go to jail? Should I call my public defender?
What is bailjumping? I'm not out on bail she released me to do probation.
Thanks everyone! Your advice is very helpful!!
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AssulaFug : Yes, call your lawyer ASAP. With any luck you will be able to appear in court on Monday or Tuesday to quash the warrant and avoid having your bail revoked.

But this will probably wind up hurting you bigtime, and you are now potentially facing an additional charge of bailjumping, which could be more time in prison.
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eplreve842 : Call your lawyer. Surrender yourself.
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Boeolermep : You can always sue.

You can't always win.
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seettyDoums : Yes, you can and should sue if you are not being offered proper compensation for being injured on the job.
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ebusxjre : No. You will be paid by workman's comp. In fact, since you've already started workman's comp proceedings, you can't go back and sue them anyway.
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FriendKennedy : If ur accepting Workman's Comp, etc your being cared for and if it is permanent then you can go for Disability and often when people accept the Workman's Comp, they can no longer sue ... but as the other person said, any one can sue, they just don't always win ... instead of asking in here, you should be asking, talking to an Attorney who can better tell you - they constantly advertise on TV " No money unless you / WE win. "
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