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Escossebroods : Last night , I watched the Ch 4 ,televised murder trial . During the trial , the defence lawyer did the usual job of challenging all the evidence,maintaining his clients innocence , and at one point , even accused a main prosecution witness of being the actual murderer.

The verdict was (rightly) guilty. However, one got no sense that the defence lawyer thought an injustice had been done, and in fact we got the clear impression that he actually thought the verdict was correct.

Can anyone explain the logic of any of this

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Kesseneli : What do you expect him to do? Throw a fit? They are professionals doing a job in a courtroom.
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job85469 : If you are going to be a Defence Lawyer then you cannot be emotionally involved in all your cases. In many cases you are going to suspect your client is guilty, but you must still do your best to present his case. In this particular case most of Scotland thought the client was guilty, as this was a re-trial, but the lack of a body has always hampered the prosecution case and the prime Crown witness was a co-defendant.
If we were to have a situation where Defence Lawyers only accepted a case if they thought their client was unequivocally innocent then 1) it suggests that either the Prosecution or the Defence are unable to make a reasonable judgement on the likelihood of conviction 2) a lot of people are not going to get a legal defence at all, since most clients are not first time offenders.
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sopkolifi : If the verdict was (rightly) guilty then where is the injustice that this lawyer is supposed to feel.
Think about it!
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ggafybp701 : I know the basics since my dad is a lawyer but I'd like to know everything about the job and when they work and if the hours are really long and stuff like that (for a story).
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lsophiaj : Spotted stealing from best buy?

She said;

They walked close trying to look in my purse, they had another guy walk up to the guy shadowing me and say loudly "we found a lot of hard drives in the bathroom, the police have been called."

But on the way out, I stopped to show them my high ticket purchase, and the old item I'd brought in the store, and they checked it and let me walk out. hOWEVER the manager lingered at the door and told my license plate to someone on the phone (I assume police).

What happens now? They coming to our house? Should we be getting her a lawyer now just in case they're coming to the house?
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Dornorenterne : Tell her to keep a hold of the item AND the receipt/ticket. If the police DO show up, as long as you can produce both together it'll be fine.

To be honest though, they had the right to stop and search her at the store, or call the police in and detain her until they got there. The fact that they didn't tells me they didn't have anything on her.

No need to panic or worry, don't over react, don't call a lawyer. Just keep the product and the ticket handy for the next couple of days and either the police will show and you can prove she didn't do anything or they won't. Either way, she should be fine.
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RolandoPH : Hi! I was at my job for 3 years and absolutely loved it! Until this past year when everything went to crap. I was a personal cook and sole employee for a fraternity house, haha! Now ya see why I loved it? :) Keep in mind there's ranks in a frat..President down to House Steward. Also, keep in mind I have proof of the 1st and last altercations printed out and in text messages. I was VERY thorough! Anyways, this past school year totally changed because about half the brothers of the frat were new this year. And wow, did they run me ragged and were extremely hard to please and I cooked them some VERY good food.
We had an altercation at the beginning of the school year that involved threatening my job because I was gone for 20 minutes tops to run to the grocery store for something I forgot for that night's dinner. When I came back there were rude messages on a suggestion board I have had up. 2 messages basically threatened my job and I almost quit. I stayed and nothing was done about apology or nothing.
Then around Christmas I had another issue, but with an outta house brother. He just comes in and start tearing a piece of paper of my recipe I was using. I told him no and he did it anyways, so I called him an idiot, haha! Later, when he went to go leave, he held his hands in the air and back slapped one with the other. I saw it all and man, wasn't i freaking mad! And it was the 1st time I've been that mad at work. MY issue with Christmas is that I never received a Christmas bonus and I had always had gotten one. That never got resolved either. Then they decided to make the menu up for the 2nd half of the year. I was fine with that.
Now it's late April 2013, 2 1/2 weeks before school ends and like 2 days before I cook a Formal dinner for them and all their dates. About 100 or so people and that I do solely, minus waitstaff I at times hire. Anyways, I had just gotten home and got onto Facebook. I have a page with the guys on there for communication purposes, which that never worked Someone was asking for the lock codes to the freezers because there wasn't enough supper. That was totally impossible because I've made that same meal before and there were always leftovers. Then one of the other frat brothers, that I talked to often about problems and ideas and such, piped in and was totally ignorantly rude! He was attacking my cooking, which I think I've had maybe 2 complaints in 3 years about a meal. So this was outta nowhere land! He told me I better do this and I better do that, mind you he was NOT in the chain of command. Then he threatened me over Formal dinner and said "it better not f'n suck!" And the tone I received it was very...very hostile, so there was no need for an "or else" at the end of his statement.. Granted it was online, but I knew this kid from being there 2 years, so I knew exactly how he meant it! There was a whole fiasco after that, but basically I told them I wasn't coming back in with this kid there. I'm much older than him but I bet he'd kick my butt pretty easy and if I went back to work, there woulda been a good chance of an altercation of some sort and I wasn't and dont have to put up with that type of stuff. They lied thru their teeth to screw me outta my unemployment and that they did. I hired a lawyer and won my case after 2 1/2 months with zero income.
The Maine Dept. of Labor's decision was...."vulgar language was sometimes used in a casual manner in these Facebook posts. However , the vitriol in this final series of postings would create an environment that a reasonable person might well find so hostile that he would not return to work." Then it dictates a case of Henderson vs.Maine Employment Security Commission, backing my claim of harassment.
Even tho the hostility isn't based on race, sex, age,etc,etc.,this is sooooo a hostile work environment and the Dept. of Labor agreed. So do I have a civil case against this fraternity or the brother himself maybe? I don't know and that's why I'm asking. Answer away! All feedback is welcome!
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