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manstard : I have never physical put my hands on anybody.

this organization accused me of sending threatening messages, and telephone calls. They accused me of impersonating some employer. How can they prove it was I who did it? These people know I don't like them, but how can they be so quick to accuse me of something. I was frustrated and used profanity and left some nasty voicemails that may have implied I was a threat to their safety , but that happened 2 months ago, and I don't do that anymore, I never left my name for them to think it was me.

this organization is youth employment. Of course now I don't want a potential restraining order, and I don't plan to do anything to them, I got a serious letter from their lawyer and it pisses me off to extremes. They have filed a police report.

I do not like the fact that they know where i live, address, everything, because they are some youth employment agency, I am not comfortable with them knowing my information.

I feel discriminated against, because I paid money to them that I owned for my hours, and they said they would let me in their program, they basically lied and cut off all communications with me.

The lawyer basically accused me of doing all the above., i don't see how using profanity is honesty qualify for a restraining order. I may have spammed their emails, but if they can't prove it was me why should I admit to something that are accusations?

Bottom line, should I see an attorney?
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Reetuevilkink : I hate it when I accidentally start leaving death threats and strings of profanity on organizations voice messaging service. Even worse when I do it to my own mother!

I wouldn't respond whatsoever unless they actually file something with the court. A letter is just a warning so be warned. Do not call there anymore. Don't go in there and forget about the money you gave them. Just let the whole thing go because you could stir up a bunch of legal trouble for yourself.
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origneeficigo : I am starting a travel blog and it has the word "passport" in the name. I created my logo and made it to look like a customs stamp...the ones the customs agents stamps on a passport when you arrive in a new country. My logo looks similar to one I found online but it seems that every country has many different stamps. And most countries have very similar ones to each other. The part of the stamp that I copied was the basic shape (although I recreated it so it isn't the exact angles) and the location of the words "United States of America" and the name of my state. I did however change everything in the middle as well as the image of the plane. I replaced the plane with a completely different image that is not a plane. I can't find anything online stating that the stamps used by customs agents are copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise protected. There are several large countries that use this same shape and I did not use the same font for the words that are in common with the customs stamp. However, if you put the two images next to each other they are clearly similar. It is obvious I wanted my logo to look like a customs stamp. I plan on turning this blog into a business so I do not want to infringe on a protected image, especially that of the US government! I am not asking for legal advice, I have a lawyer that I intend on speaking to before going further. My question is can you point me to something online that would tell me that this isn't ok? I will talk to my lawyer but if I can find out beforehand that I am in fact infringing on a protected image, I will save the attorney fees.
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Ptnolermep : Works of the US government are, as a rule, not copyrighted. (17 USC § 105) It is possible the symbol is protected by treaty, though, as is the case for certain international symbols. Personally, I'm not aware of such protections on custom stamps, and in any case you wouldn't quickly run afoul of such protections by using it as inspiration for a blog logo.

In my layman's opinion, your logo is likely to be perfectly legal.
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cannonf : Not on street corners and doubt I would get caught.would it be wise to give custody of my kids on paper to a friend just in case

Don't judge
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RHIFTARRICH : Depends on if anyone wants them.
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Klarissa : Yes you would lose them. Marry me and you won't be out trickin ;)
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kukernos : I think it depends on why state you are in
I would go ahead and send them to a friend just in case
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pronmereTef : In a New York minute.
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bylxprnlin : Yes, your kids would be taken away because you'd be deemed an unfit parent.
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