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yyhglppluh :

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seicalminee : White people will riot.
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aogokaoy : My guess is that there would be an appeal.
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Jugacargo : Then the world will be a happier place. Either way hes gonna get what he deserves. If hes found not guilty he will get murdered, if hes found guilty he will die in a prison cell.
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envivekes : l can not see how that could happen unless his lawyers blow the case.
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AbiftDrieri : No one will be surprised.

Not because he's guilty, but because we knew it was a sham trial to begin with.
And all our prejudices and expectations will have been confirmed.

This case is simple. Take a look at a map of the crime scene location. Martin was already past the point where his home was closer to him than Zimmerman. All he had to do was keep walking. Or better yet, what any one of us would have done, suspecting someone following him, RUN home.

But he backtracked. He chose confrontation instead of the safety of his house. HE made the decision. THAT decision led to what happened next.

Case closed.

After he made his choice for confrontation instead of safety, he rolled the dice. And he lost.

But we all also know what will happen if Zimmerman was found Not Guilty. All the stereotypes will be proven true.
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ImassyjageDam : default code lawyer defendant not showing up
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Gapycrydaydaf : Did any of the lawyers seem notably good or notably bad to you? Any performances strikingly good or bad? Regardless of what you think or want the verdict to be, how do you feel about the jobs the lawyers did in the case? Extra credit, go ahead and say how you think the verdict should be.
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Seillaclark : The judge is a dictator ruled by the Obama regime.
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BabFibShooria : I think unless you can prove that she may be violent or that she is really a threat to your emotional or physical well being you will not get a restraining order. Restraining orders are generally to protect a victim from further violence, stalking and abuse.

This seems like the kind of situation where you should either ignore her texts, change your number or just tell her to cut it out. Immaturity is not a basis for a restraining order and your chances of getting a restraining order or even being able to sue for harassment seem incredibly low.

Also since your friend is 16, nothing will come from her mother calling the authorities in order to keep you away from her, unless you are actually a 40 year old pervert. Your friend seems to have no problem with her mums behaviour, have you talked it out with her? Please remember that the authorities are NOT to be used in personal grudge matches as they have to protect people who are actually in danger.

If you really must try, then depending on where you live you may or may not be of age. If you are not then your dad can do so. Wikihow, wikipedia and many council websites have more detailed information. Your best bet for the most accurate information for your personal circumstances will be your local councils website.
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