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Quawsibia : I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and I sell and ship hay to the United States from Canada on my semi trailer. This is my legal small business and I've been doing this or a long time. Now the people who I sell hay to won't pay me, they ignored my calls, and do not reply to my messages. How do I go about taking them to court?

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upsellweast : I would talk to someone at your local court to see if it can be done in Canada or if it has to be done in the US. Since it is crossing the boarder, you can even go federal and get all your money plus more because of it.
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DSjerrold : Since this is across a border, I would get a lawyer.

Otherwise, you can file a small claim in their county, if you want to make the trip.

In the future, it might be worth setting up an account with people first or paying for an escrow service.
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aoioktoy : Since they live in america, serve them papers (basically telling them that you're taking them to court). All they have to do is touch it and they are legally obligated to come to court.
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GuttwersBeefs : you can't get blood out of a rock bro

how many loads of hay is 10k worth? I only ask to figure out how long you extended credit before it piled up on you.

they probably fell on hard times like lots of others

best spend time getting some new customers first and then, every once in a while drop the old customers a post card and ask them how they are doing instead of asking for money,
and see how that goes

you can legally put a mechanics lien on the ir home or vehicles if you really want to go that far

stop in at your local free legal aid at your local county courthouse

best wishes
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Miztiessy : I was a passenger in a car along with 2 others when my friend got pulled over. The police officers asked my Mexican friend to step out of the car, and proceeded to harass him for having a Mexican I.D. and not an American I.D. Since I knew my friend was in fact a legal citizen, and I saw tensions escalating a little too quickly, I pulled out my phone and started recording the conversation. One of the police officers saw me with my phone, and asked what I was doing with it. I told them I was recording them and they proceeded to say it was a violation of Pennsylvania wiretap laws, and that I was committing a felony. My heart started pounding because of the way I saw my friend be treated, and also because I wasn't too sure if what I was doing was right. He asked me to step out of the car, and then started accusing me of being "wasted" and "hammered," and kept asking me how much I had to drink. At first I denied having any sort of an alcoholic beverage that night, until he brought up how much trouble he was already going to get me in for having recorded them. He told me I was going to get a felony charge along with some other crazy charges if I wasn't honest with him, so I panicked and told him I had a drink that night to be compliant. Well, turns out an underage arrived in the mail, and the Pennsylvania wire tap violation was complete bull shit; he only used it to scare me. Now I'm stuck with this underage that I shouldn't of have gotten, and I have no idea how to fight it. I'm scared If I tell the truth without a lawyer (which I cannot afford) the judge will just take the cops word... Does anyone have any suggestion or actual knowledge of how to deal with this situation? Thank you!
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Cewayerep : My father in law is getting screwed over so badly by his ex. She had an attorney, which is also a personal friend, he was never notified by either of them the divorce court date. She got the house, he got the monthly bankruptcy payments. The tax return was suppose to go to the trustee, and she did the taxes and had all the money put into her personal account. Also, her lawyer is telling him both names have to be on the deed until the bk is paid off??? huh. I need someone to help with my questions so I can help this poor guy. anyone?
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JanBarend : Tell him to get another lawyer. One specialized in divorces. Wish you a lot of luck!
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kedduadwaytum : Ok.. let me take a run at this...

You did not specify, but from what I read here, your father in law and his ex-wife were in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which had them both paying into a bankruptcy plan. He needs to immediately hire an attorney who is competent in family law, and also if the lawyer is not familiar with bankruptcy, will want to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer.

IF he is indeed in a Chapter 13, he has a right to partition the Chapter 13 after the divorce, which will separate his debts from hers, and he will make a separate bankruptcy payment.

The best help you can be, however, is to get him to competent counsel, and have that attorney answer the questions according to the laws of that state. While bankruptcy is a federal matter, divorce is fairly state specific, so you need an attorney in your state. For a referral, contact your local or state bar association.
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lummnhkswcaax : File a claim.
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