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carpinteyrosrj : my five year old was pused off a retaning wall that was 8 to 10 feet tall what kind off lawyer should i call she was in icu for three days

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inermainfom : in one word or a few words.
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zakladykliczko : Study and exam passes.
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BydayTixdaype : Several years ago my mom met and married a wonderful man in North Carolina. This man had two children before my mother with a woman located in South Carolina. He had been divorced from this woman for seven years before he met my mother. The custody agreement allowed my stepdad to have his kids every other weekend. He was also ordered to pay I believe around $400 a month for child support.
For those seven years he personally drove to South Carolina to get his kids and he would drive them back home when the weekend was over. He also paid a very generous $700/month for child support.
Soon though they fell into financial turmoil and he had no choice but to cut his payments back to the court ordered $400/month. His very bitter and selfish ex was angry about this. Every card and letter he sent to his kids was returned. She changed their number so he had no way to get in touch with them. He eventually stopped paying child support in hopes that she would come around but instead she moved with their kids. He has no idea where they are.
He was unable to afford a lawyer. The only thing he knew to do, as painful as it was, was to wait until his children were grown. He prayed that they would find him and he could tell his side of the story. Given this woman's track record we were certain she was filling his kids heads with bitter lies about him.
Anyways, a few short years back, after endless hours of searching, I found his now teenage daughter on a social networking sight. I sent her an email explaining to her the best I could what had happened in hopes that she would have something to do with him. She told me she missed her daddy so much and really wanted to get back in touch with him. For a while my stepfather and myself were able to communicate with her online behind her mother's back. We were able to text her as well. Unfortunately her mother found the texts, texted me some bitter words, and cut all communication off.
We've been trying to sneak behind her back off and on throughout the years with his daughter online but her mother always finds out. His daughter told us she has to listen to all her mother's crap and it's very difficult for her to communicate with us but she does when she can. Unfortunately his son, who is now a young adult, believes all his mother said and refuses to have anything to do with his father.
What can my stepdaddy do legally to see his kids again? Keep in mind that my stepdad and mom struggle financially in spite their best efforts to keep their heads above water.
Sorry for such a lengthy question, I tried the best I could to keep it short! Please, any advice will help and thank you so much in advance.
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hiegululnenny : If he can not afford a lawyer there really is nothing he will be able to do to see the daughter. If the son is over 18 there is no court that could order the young man to see his father.
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ik9q8o842j : lawyers are over-rated and expensive and may not even be competent in that field of expertise

do it yourself instead!!!

there are books on how to find people, it is not that difficult

anyways it is too bad you didn't think of sending her an email to stay in contact with or your phone number to call you...suggest them getting virgin mobile paylo phone to call from and keep it hidden
once you establish a cpl ways to keep in contact without the mom, you should be able to work it out.

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lucestar : I am not unsympathetic to your husband's plight, but if he really wants to see the children, he will need to hire an attorney. He also needs to pay the child support that has been mandated by the Court. It is a given that failure to pay child support is NOT grounds to withhold visitation rights, but its still very common.

I suggest that as a first step, he needs to contact an attorney located in the jurisdiction where his ex-wife lives, and then see if he can arrange a payment plan. The attorney can then make arrangements for him to pay the back child support, begin paying the ongoing child support, and then haul the ex--wife back into court and force the visitation. If she continues to withhold visitation, courts have sometimes switched custody.

For a referral, contact the local or state bar association.
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fdrxvzh634 : He can hire a lawyer. I bet he can afford it. I bet he hasn't even contacted a lawyer to find out how much it would cost.

He can also do this himself. Just go to the friend of the court, (some states have a different name for it, but every state has a department that takes care of custody issues). It's not that hard.

What can you do? To make sure that your step father has visitation rights. Nothing. You shouldn't be involved. And if your step dad is looking for you to help, then he's wrong. He has to do this himself.
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oritisaexarse : My friend got caught shoplifting under $50 at Walmart. She wasn't arrested, and was just given a citation by a police officer to appear.

She called to schedule a public defender & they said they don't have any- to just show up & they will charge her extra but she can speak to the prosecuter??

Isn't that illegal, as part of, "if you can't afford a lawyer one will be assigned to you"??
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Tupangege : so is there a rule that if you get caught stealing under 50 dollars worth, you get away with a citation? how old is she?
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