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andremartin : my five year old was pused off a retaning wall that was 8 to 10 feet tall what kind off lawyer should i call she was in icu for three days

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cymnferce : A personal injury lawyer
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DalVelmactill : There's not much you can do. A retaining wall isn't really supposed to be blocked off -- a 10 foot-high deck requires a permit to ensure proper safety, but a retaining wall does not.

You can try to go after the person who pushed her and potentially the landowner since they liable for the accident on their property, but in the end I would advise against the lawsuit. It's a horrible, terrible mistake and I'm thankful for you that she's still alive!
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Ererryhew : sorry for you tragedy.

I would talk to a personal injury lawyer.

I'm interested in knowing more about where this wall was backfilled up to the top fo the wall on one side where people could walk to?

(to the person above me, it will depend on the state, but typically walls with more than a 30" fall require a handrail. But that would assume this is an area where people are present.)
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Parkerb : I'm writing this for my bro. He lives in va and is paying child support to his child's mom in ca. He is entitled to phone calls and he is being denied by them. Is there anything he can do living in a dif state. Also they take more then half his check is there a way to get his amount lowered he has two other children that he lives with and needs to care for as well.
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Plaitikepak : If he wants the amount they take to be adjusted, he needs to go back to court over this, and it may actually need to be in the location the children are living.

Also, if the court has ordered he has the right to talk to them on the phone a certain amount of time weekly or monthly or whatever, if she isn't letting him, she could be charged with contempt of court and he could easily use this to fight for a change in custody and possibly the support amount.

Really though, he needs to consult his lawyer and go back to court to fix some of these things.
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oncall463 : I was offered a job today with a really nice salary: $125k + benefits, contingent on a background check. I was honest on the background information. In 2011 I went through a nasty divorce. My ex wife took out a restraining order against me the day we split up per her lawyer. We would go to court and she wouldn't show up and it would get continued, or she would show up and her lawyer wouldnt etc. So after about 4 months of not seeing my kids, I called and asked to see them and got locked up. I plead guilty and did 3 months of probation. After the 3 months we took the case back to court, and they suspended my sentence for the remainder of the probation. I was honest and disclosed this on the application. What do employers look for? Is it to my benefit that I was honest? Does this blemish on my report (if it even shows) hurt me greatly?
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dubaimady : The four of us went into Walmart filled the cart with goods and my friend pushed it out the store. He is only 15 but i'm worried about us, because the three of us are older than 18. we were sent to the the backroom to complete some paperwork. Then the cops came, but since it was our first time and we were so cooperative with him, he gave all of us a citation (except for the 15 year old, he had to call his parents). But what i'm asking is "does that mean we will get the shoplifting charge later in court?" Another thing I would like to mention is two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Walmart for their civil demand ($150) but neither of my friends got one... I was thinking to myself "why me??" Was it just bad luck or something else cause this got me frustrated when I found out that i'm the only one that has to pay Walmart back. We're all pitching in for a lawyer to represent us cause I've heard that it has helped in some cases.
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JulianD8 : 5-10 years in prison minimum. Don't drop the soap.
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FriendCooper : You can't just shoplift, think people wouldn't get mad at u, my mom owns a clothing store so I know what it's like when someone steals something. how would u like someone to take something u payed for, so don't try to steal if you don't wanna be charged, that mite even be on your record if u try getting a job.
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