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SmirePeessy : my five year old was pused off a retaning wall that was 8 to 10 feet tall what kind off lawyer should i call she was in icu for three days

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FriendJoshua : A personal injury lawyer
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GeadiaBab : Personal injury or a general lawyer
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Toomadyettasy : lol what are you doing letting your 5 year old be on a wall that far of the ground might as well have CPS take your kid away because you suck
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DodyAppedly : why was your child left unattended on a retaining wall? Where was the retaining wall? Public or Private property? Why is it someone else's fault that nobody was watching your child? So many questions left unanswered...
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Tromsbreedo : What do you mean blocked off? A wall is just a wall.

It would be a personal injury attorney. But be prepared for serious questions like why she was on the wall that high and why you weren't watching her on a wall that high.

You could sue the person who pushed her, if they have any money. As for whoever is responsible for the wall, it isn't clear what you mean by blocked off.

You can call a PI lawyer and give them more information. The call is free. They won't take the case if there is no source of money for the wall or if it seems like you were more responsible than anyone else.
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profileback498 : my bf got arrested on a theft charge(50 to 500),did 3 for 1 in jail and got time served for the case,but she had a warrant out for her arrest with a different county for theft also but this one was(500 to 1500) and she got bonded out.her bond was 2000 but paid 200 to get her out.she has her court date in a few weeks,what will the judge do because I know they look at past criminal history.can she get a good lawyer to fight this?is it possible to get probation or labor detail? she was lucky enough to even get her job back so shes tryna do good and better herself.
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GGYGYG : I think for the defense Mark O' Mara seems like a very nice guy, i like him. Don west seems more irritable. And for the state Bernie de la Rionda to me comes off as a lunatic. I mean why is the guy yelling at the jury?? I want some of what hes on. What do you think of these guys?
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XRbertie : I think the prosecution doesn't have a case, and the defense lawyers don't have a clue.

It doesn't make for good law, but it makes for great TV.
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coachoutletolkc : the age of consent in vermont is 16.
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