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Nulatistilk : Every time I talk to my lawyer I here something different. First he says theres no way we are going to plead to a felony, then he says that if he could get the felony deal and plead down after two years he would take it in a heart beat. He made it out to be that it would be a gift from the DA if we could get that deal. Now he says that after he talked a bit with the DA its really not out of the question. Do lawyer play games with you making it seem like there's little hope, just so they can come in and get a good deal and make themselves out to be the knight in shinning armor?

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csyez029 : Not saying that it can't ever happen, but lawyers are legally bound by a set of ethics and could suffer disbarment (be forbidden to practice law) if they overstep the bounds.
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Escossebroods : Last night , I watched the Ch 4 ,televised murder trial . During the trial , the defence lawyer did the usual job of challenging all the evidence,maintaining his clients innocence , and at one point , even accused a main prosecution witness of being the actual murderer.

The verdict was (rightly) guilty. However, one got no sense that the defence lawyer thought an injustice had been done, and in fact we got the clear impression that he actually thought the verdict was correct.

Can anyone explain the logic of any of this
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Kesseneli : What do you expect him to do? Throw a fit? They are professionals doing a job in a courtroom.
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job85469 : If you are going to be a Defence Lawyer then you cannot be emotionally involved in all your cases. In many cases you are going to suspect your client is guilty, but you must still do your best to present his case. In this particular case most of Scotland thought the client was guilty, as this was a re-trial, but the lack of a body has always hampered the prosecution case and the prime Crown witness was a co-defendant.
If we were to have a situation where Defence Lawyers only accepted a case if they thought their client was unequivocally innocent then 1) it suggests that either the Prosecution or the Defence are unable to make a reasonable judgement on the likelihood of conviction 2) a lot of people are not going to get a legal defence at all, since most clients are not first time offenders.
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sopkolifi : If the verdict was (rightly) guilty then where is the injustice that this lawyer is supposed to feel.
Think about it!
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songzhang225 : I was in court and I agreed to the injunction, Temporary injunction for Domestic Violence with Child even though there wasnt any domestic violence that occured I had no chance because the petitioner had a lawyer and I couldnt afford one. I agreed with injunction to be able to have visitation rights to my daughter but her lawyer said that she (mother) isnt sure I am the father, and judge reviewed my record found nothing but a lot of traffic tickets (very old) and determined I was disobedient to Law and said I have no rights to the child because paternity wasnt established.
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Speemersmoima : You can appeal the court's decision, but there is a time limit for you to do so, and would be very difficult to do this without a lawyer. Save your money to do a paternity test.
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ExannaMaf : I have two boys; 7 and 11 year old. They ride within the complex. The manager told my kids that they cant ride as they can hurt others.

I understand that she is watching out for other tenants but: my kids are not loud, not reckless riders, no one has complaint either, its summer vacation hence they ride in the evening for max 2 hours.
Between 5 to 7 pm.

can she legally stop my kids?

I am also pissed that the maintenance sucks yet instead of focusing on making the place better they are after the kids.

I mean the summer will last another month and thats it, plus I monitor my kids.

any input sugggestion please?
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phygieple : In my place parents have to be outside supervising their children.
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