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Kesseneli : my sons father did not sign the birth sign the birth certificate but my son has his last name, does he have rights to see him or no? right now he is in jail and is constantly in jail. Do I need a lawyer while he is still in there to make him sign a paper or do i just change the last name and he has nothing. please i need help

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Wexinsile : Yes.

The Birth Certificate is a record of birth, nothing more. It is completely unrelated to any issues involving paternity, custody, visitation, support, etc.
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goodevry8 : Rights of an unmarried parent DEPEND ON YOUR STATE LAW. You didn't include your state, so hard to help.
In many unwed mother automatically has full custody and all rights, until and unless the father files in court, and is given rights. You need to research what your state law is. Even if you have full rights now..he could go to court and file for visitation, etc.
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wanb4669 : The law is all built around DNA. The biological father has both obligations (paying child support) and rights (right to access)

The problem is that at the moment if you refuse to provide him with access, he has no proof of being the father and would have to go through a legal process to prove fatherhood and obtain rights
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manstard : I have never physical put my hands on anybody.

this organization accused me of sending threatening messages, and telephone calls. They accused me of impersonating some employer. How can they prove it was I who did it? These people know I don't like them, but how can they be so quick to accuse me of something. I was frustrated and used profanity and left some nasty voicemails that may have implied I was a threat to their safety , but that happened 2 months ago, and I don't do that anymore, I never left my name for them to think it was me.

this organization is youth employment. Of course now I don't want a potential restraining order, and I don't plan to do anything to them, I got a serious letter from their lawyer and it pisses me off to extremes. They have filed a police report.

I do not like the fact that they know where i live, address, everything, because they are some youth employment agency, I am not comfortable with them knowing my information.

I feel discriminated against, because I paid money to them that I owned for my hours, and they said they would let me in their program, they basically lied and cut off all communications with me.

The lawyer basically accused me of doing all the above., i don't see how using profanity is honesty qualify for a restraining order. I may have spammed their emails, but if they can't prove it was me why should I admit to something that are accusations?

Bottom line, should I see an attorney?
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Reetuevilkink : I hate it when I accidentally start leaving death threats and strings of profanity on organizations voice messaging service. Even worse when I do it to my own mother!

I wouldn't respond whatsoever unless they actually file something with the court. A letter is just a warning so be warned. Do not call there anymore. Don't go in there and forget about the money you gave them. Just let the whole thing go because you could stir up a bunch of legal trouble for yourself.
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celtics22 : I'm wondering if I have to pay for rights to something then how much would they charge and would I need to fo it via a meeting with the head ceo or would I need to head to the board to pay for the rights to something they own?
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inferveOnerve : For starters, it depends on what the heck you're talking about having the "rights" to. If you even have to ask about whatever it is, you'd likely to to first obtain clear permission, and then yes, you'd probably have to pay some negotiated amount. As far as CEO's and boards and whatnot, it depends on if you're talking about using the designs for a spaceship, or a song in a movie, etc. You'll need to ask a much more specific question to get a better answer. I'd also expect that you likely wouldn't be granted permission to do whatever you want to do, period. That means no payment or meetings, and no rights.
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mjohne : It depends what you mean by rights and what it is
If you wanted to use something belonging to Disney, for eg, you'd be very very unlikely to be given any rights and if you did it would cost you millions.
If you wanted the right to use a picture by a local photographer in your school magazine, they'd probably charge about £50

There are lots of different sorts of 'rights' to use intellectual property, which is what I'm assuming you're talking about.
It looks like you need to read up about the whole situation (which varies enormously also, depending on what country you are in and what country the company which owns the rights is in).

If you were asking for rights from a company like Apple, assuming they would even entertain the idea (which they usually don't), then you would contact their licensing dept - or your lawyers would. There would then be a lot fo very expensive meetings between ;lawyers. It would be very unlikely you would meet the CEO
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yclaraf : If you are seeking only advise, and not representation, then anybody with a good knowledge of Virginia small claims law would fill your bill. If you really want to talk with a lawyer, you might look for a nearby attorney in California who is also admitted to practice in Virginia.
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