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preermrax : My house is being fraud, and they forged my one of my parents signature so my property now is now the scammers property.
My parents made a report to the police, they have a lawyer what other steps can they do??:c I'm 13 and I wanna help!! They're tearing my family apart! It's not fair, my mom is stress and not eating!!
Since June 18th I believe, a man came to my house (I'm still a teen and I live with my parents) and asked if he can come in the house because we're "renting" but we're not we own the house, my mother said no, then a week later another man came and was talking in Spanish (we're Mexicans x3) and again asked to inspect the house and to look inside, my mother said no once again and went to the police station, they gave her a # to call if it happens again, it did once again today. My father was home and I went figure skating and my mother was with me. The man was Caucasian and told my father he wanted to take photos of the house, inside, and in the backyard, my father knew about the other times that the men came but didn't know about the #. The man asked for my father's number and my father said "no how come you don't give me your number?" And the man said no and left.

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guccioutlet1 : you are hysterical right now

after you calm down, come back when you have command of the details
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Expopgolf : What a terrible situation for your family! You are good to want to help.

It is surprisingly easy to transfer ownership of a property if you have the correct documents and a forged signature!

I am hoping that your family's lawyer will be able to get this straightened out. I would suggest contacting the Attorney General of your state regarding the situation. He/she should be able to help with this.

Also, I would advise to definitely not leave the property -- even if you are faced with eviction by the scammers. Sit tight!

Finally, if the lawyer isn't getting anywhere with this, I would suggest changing lawyers and getting someone who specializes in Property Law.

My prayers are with you and your family.
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Smaluemelmisy : Keep working with the police and the lawyer. And whatever you do, stay in that house. And don't let anyone in that you don't know. If people are coming by and saying they want to look at the place, tell them that they have been working with a scammer and that the house isn't for sale or rent.
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yyhglppluh :
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seicalminee : White people will riot.
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aogokaoy : My guess is that there would be an appeal.
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Jugacargo : Then the world will be a happier place. Either way hes gonna get what he deserves. If hes found not guilty he will get murdered, if hes found guilty he will die in a prison cell.
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envivekes : l can not see how that could happen unless his lawyers blow the case.
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AbiftDrieri : No one will be surprised.

Not because he's guilty, but because we knew it was a sham trial to begin with.
And all our prejudices and expectations will have been confirmed.

This case is simple. Take a look at a map of the crime scene location. Martin was already past the point where his home was closer to him than Zimmerman. All he had to do was keep walking. Or better yet, what any one of us would have done, suspecting someone following him, RUN home.

But he backtracked. He chose confrontation instead of the safety of his house. HE made the decision. THAT decision led to what happened next.

Case closed.

After he made his choice for confrontation instead of safety, he rolled the dice. And he lost.

But we all also know what will happen if Zimmerman was found Not Guilty. All the stereotypes will be proven true.
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