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xiaozh5p : That happen two year's ago. Now I'am in trouble with the law again but this time for stealing. I stole worth of 16 dollars and some odd cents. The cope said that it's a 3rd degree. Now two years ago I got in trouble it had nothing to do with stealing. I'm not on any of my med's, not been going to group therapy which I don't want to be in group therapy and my therapist has been on medical leave. I only seen her three times before she left. I just moved to this county where I'm at, the only person I know is my girlfriend and her family. I don't know my way around or the law. I don't even know what I should say to the judges?? I'am am going to tell the truth and this has scared me s***less, but I know that it was wrong and I should have not done it and should be punish for it. I'm not going to have a lawyer because I was told that I know what I did and don't need one. That they cost money, even the ones the court appoints for you. What should I do? What should I say? What's right and not right to say? And should I tell the truth? Is the truth going to get me into more trouble?

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Classified craigslist : I was pulled over recently on the freeway, and got a ticket for speeding. I want to send a letter to the court where I'm supposed to go and challenge the ticket. It was just starting to get dark when I was driving. I did see where the officer was hiding, only after about 5 minutes did he pull me over. Just a little bit before he did, there was another SUV that passed me(I was driving one too), so it drove faster than me. When the officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going, I said that I wasn't sure, because I wasn't 100%. I just want to say that the officer could have mistaken the vehicle.

Do you think it's possible to send a letter and challenge my ticket? If the judge is going to consider it, or if I get a lawyer to send it for me? Will the judge want to set a court date for it? Any experience with this?
One reason I want to send a letter, and mention that in it, is because I don't own a vehicle right now, and the court will be in a different city. I wasn't driving my car.
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UsefeDerb : my husband fought a radar gun speeding ticket and spoke for himself regarding the accuracy. his fee was reduced.
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sunlostli5r : You have to go to court and explain it in court. You can't just send a letter.
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qifeng3787 : It is always good to challenge these if you can afford the time off work. It will either be reduced to a non moving violation or at least fee reduced.
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kevinmgibsonb : You challenge a ticket by pleading not guilty. When you plead not guilty, the court will set a date for the trial. In some courts you can plead not guilty by mail. In others you or your lawyer must appear in court to plead not guilty and set the trial date.
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Kicoblilm : if you can get a lawyer to send a letter for you, might as well try to do a trial by declaration and have the lawyer help you with the defense, you chances will be better that way.

or else just pay the ticket and take traffic school if eligible so your insurance doesn't go up. and you don't have to appear in court.

best of luck.
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Touspedquesee : Zimmerman's principle lawyer has been yakking at the jury for over a day now and no end is in sight! Would you still be paying attention?
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Ferguson29 : I don't believe so. One witness was called because he wrote a book about the adventures of George, another was plugging for his company.
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esyez003 : children were taking by cps and put in foster care mom wants to give rights to sister.paper work was started before mom gave birth to new baby thta tested dirty cps took all they are making us jump threw hoops. help
mom an sis are in to different county's plus paper work was all ready started to adopt baby can we get her out of foster care if mom agrees to finish paper work
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