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esyez021 : can a lawyer dissmiss a trafic ticket in wiliamson county texas ?
and I already took defensive driving 3 months ago

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DjokerDer : Why are you still getting tickets 3 months after the last one??!!!!!??? Probably cant do anything but make you pay it now. Might be able to get it off of insurance thats it.
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ArridoNop : No. Only a judge can dismiss a traffic ticket.
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arcadiorm : The saying "Everyone is innocent untill proven guilty" many people like lawyers refer too. But why cant it be the other way around like "Everyone is guilty until proven innocent?"
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Jamesgo : Because some countries tried the other way, it meant you spent long years in jail unless you could prove yourself innocent.

One way puts the obligation to prove the case on the accuser, the other on the accused.
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Rhimibymn : Because the presumption of innocence makes more sense in a justice system. When the concept was created, people were being thrown in jail with no trial because they were assumed to be guilty. Just like we have done in Guantanamo. .

In Europe it's the other way around and when you go to trial, you have to prove you are innocent rather than the government having to prove you are guilty. Quite a burden, especially difficult to prove you did not do something than someone else proving your did.

Then you add in your addendum of "everyone" and you get to the point where you have to put everyone in jail because everyone is guilty of everything.
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moment7q : I think you stole my computer. And I want you to go to jail for stealing my computer. Now, prove that you didn't steal my computer. The fact that you don't have it doesn't prove anything. You might have sold it, or hidden it somewhere.

Or my ex-wife might accuse me of a crime, just to be mean. And seriously, if she could, she would.
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Alexander_john : Libraryanna's answer is a good one, except the bit about Europe. The Code Napoleon does seem to say that, but there are a number of safeguards which, as a retired lawyer, she should be aware of. Should also be aware that most European countries - UK, Germany, Scandinavia, many others - don't still use that code (or never did) and also operate "innocent until proved to be guilty" for the reasons she gave.

Indeed America imported that concept from Europe - well, the UK - in the first place.
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2timo : We have that in the Child Protective Services Agencies, and look how THAT is working out.
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lodcacuulaJar : i was wondering, IF he is successful in this, would i still be legally entitled to inherit any money that would happen to come my way?
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