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FriendAbigail : I am looking for a family law attorney that can assist my brother to gain custody of his 2 yr old son. His wife cheated on him (and when he confronted her about having proof of the affair ) she left that same night ... She was missing for about 4 or 5 days and my brother decided to go to the court to request custody of his baby . She then accused him of rape, and domestic violence in order for him to get arrested (which he did) in order to help her get custody of the baby ... She doesn't take care of the little boy, hardly made him food to eat and had him dirty constantly .... But due to her accusations the court granted her temporary custody of the baby .... He has a restraining order and can't see his baby we need a family law lawyer that has helped dads get custody of the baby I know it harder because the law favors the mother with the care of a child but she can't even take care of herself let alone a little 2 yr old boy ... Financially we are ok but can't afford a lawyer that charges too much ... Does any one know a good one that is willing to help a case like this ?

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KellWen : I would contact a handful of family attorneys and obtain free consultations.

Gather which is reasonable and tough enough for your needs, then decide.
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evettadia : check out
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carpinteyrosrj : my five year old was pused off a retaning wall that was 8 to 10 feet tall what kind off lawyer should i call she was in icu for three days
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knbcdzz802 : Do they collect as they go along with their work and then leave you with a bill for any remaining charges afterwards? How do they ensure they get paid?
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beetryked : Usually straight time and expenses, invoiced monthly or when the bill gets to a certain size. They would generally have requested a "retainer" that is money from the client, deposited into a trust account, and bill the retainer fund and notify the client when the retainer becomes uncomfortably low (e.g., below the level needed to pay the next two bills).
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Intassecheara : Public defenders are paid by the state. Private attorneys typically ask for a retainer to handle their anticipated expenses. If the cost of litigation exceeds the retainer, the attorney may ask for more money and/or collateral before continuing the case.
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Snilegriercep : When I was 17 I stupidly committed a crime (altercation with coworker) and was called in for questioning to the local police station as charges were soon to be filled. I had already been fired from my job but the next day I resigned and the company accepted it so it says I resigned due to my health. As a minor I had to go in with my mother and lawyer for questioning. The detective who was handling it read me my rights and had me sign a piece of paper saying I understood what I said could be used in a court of law. I am wondering was that him arresting me or what was that? After that charges were never filled against me and I signed an agreement for minor to do some community service, write an essay, and sign a paper admitting to my crime. The detective said that this would never be on any record and formally I was charged with anything. I am now trying to get a new job, and on the online application it asks was I ever convicted. I don't know how to answer this.
Can anyone help me and explain this. As well explain what actually happened to me with this detective (was I arrested or charged or convicted), will there be any record? Will it be sealed as I just turned 18?
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