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Insenoloals : I was in a supermarket last year and part of their shelving fell on my head causing a minor concussion. Although I did not lose consciousness, I did suffer for almost two months from post-concussion syndrome. I have documentation of my doctor visits and I have been dealing with the supermarket's claims agency for several months now. They recently asked me what I think a fair settlement is. I believe this is a trick question to see how little they can get away with giving me. I'm not trying to milk them, but this injury did cause a disturbance to my my work life as well as a lot of stress for those two months. I do not have a lawyer. How should I handle this part of the process? Are there any general guidelines of what type of a settlement I should expect from them? They've recently been dragging it out and I want to close this case and move on with my life. The injury happened nearly a year ago and I stopped receiving treatment 6 months ago.

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CarmenOA : You'll be much better off if you speak to a good personal injury lawyer. It's not something that you should just settle for your medical bills and a little extra.
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azikmanich : ask for $5,000 and see what they say, a minor concussion isn't worth much.
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opponoNaise : You absolutely should not be dealing with this yourself. You're going to want to work with an attorney to represent your interests. The fact that they are asking you that question tells me that they know they are talking to someone who does not know what an apporpriate settlement is. You need someone on your side who knows the game and know what constitutes a fair offer. You are taking a risk by doing this yourself.
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sesActito : It is a trick question. And they are trying to drag it out. They're hoping that you will "want to close this case and move on with my life", and their hoping you will feel like you don't want to milk them.

That's there job. They aren't your friends. Their job is to pay you as little as possible.

Even if I knew how to estimate the amount, (which I don't), there's not enough information to do it. And, if I had that kind of knowledge, then I would want to get paid for it.

That's what a lawyer will do for you. He'll get paid out of the settlement, for the knowledge of knowing how much to ask for.

It's really no different then any other profession. A mechanic gets paid for knowing how to fix your car.

Without a lawyer, it's almost certain that your going to get several thousand less then you deserve. And you'll never even know it.
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sherSarlefs : I never understood this. Do you randomly search online for a good lawyer in your city, call them up and have a face-to-face convo about your family? And at the end, tell him/her "hey, if I ever need you, i'll give you a call"?
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camarok : Sure.
Why not?
But, is that how you pick your plumber and electrician?

I would start with a legal referral service in your area.
At least get SOME pre-screening.
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acilivesserma : If you want to do it that way, you can.

Most people find family law attorneys through personal referrals from friends or families when they need an attorney.

Very few people start interviewing attorneys before they actually need one.
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mehanle : Most families don't have a lawyer.

Generally, if you need one, you go hire one to handle the matter. Once that's concluded, if something else comes up and you were happy with the service provided by the attorney you used before then you just contact that person again.

But if you don't have a legal matter or don't need the services of an attorney, then there is no need to spend the time and money interviewing attorneys.
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Ìîêëàøèí : Go look in the Yellow Pages for lawyers that specialize in Family Law. You may see several that share the same business address. That means they work for a law firm that specializes in family law. Call that firm to set up an appointment and find out what it'll cost. Usually have to shell out $75-150 for one where they give an opinion over your matter. You want to talk with a lawyer that does nothing but family law since it's a complicated field of law.
Lawyers only give free consultations if it's over lawsuits.
If you're dead broke, on welfare or a minor then go visit Legal Aid for free advice.
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