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rarsepoetry : I have a TRAINED German shepherd. His fence is now built and it is 9 feet high. A cop came to our house for a previous discussion with something with my dog and my dog WAS behind the fence take note. Then my dog started growling at him when he held up his gun. My dog is trained to growl , and on command attack with anybody with a gun. He will only attack if I say so. The pig officer shot my dog even though he was behind the fence !!!!!!! I payed so much in medical bills and my dog is little by little recovering and I want to know of I can charge the come with anything and if he pays for at least half of the medical bills ? There was no freaking reason to shoot my dog ?? A family member is a lawyer so I have no problem taking him to court. I'm not to good in this category so can I get any info. I spend so much money on him as we'll as my other pets because they are family !
I posted this question because my brother wouldn't answer the calls. I can press charges and he will have to pay the full bills. Oh , he was there because I pressed charges on some other people who got bitten by my dog. Know the think is my dog was tied up that day and this teen when in to my yard seeing the warning dog sign , seeing my Shep and me telling him not to go in the yard but of course he ran In to my yard and my dog bit him and on command let go. So thanks :)

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KellWen : If the entire trial consisted of the few sentences you wrote here, you might have a claim.
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Gahspooksom : No. You can't press charges.

And no, it is very unlikely you will be able to recover any money for the vet bills.

It is interesting that you have trained him to "attack anybody with a gun." And it is interesting that the officer was already there to speak with you about your dog.

All the officer has to do is claim he believed he was in danger and the shooting is justified.

RESPONSE TO ADDITIONAL DETAILS: "Know the think is my dog was tied up?" What on earth?

You keep make reference to the fact that the dog is well trained and responds to commands but the fact that you say that you now have a 9 foot fence tells me that your dog has now been designated as a dangerous dog. You are probably going to end up being criminally charged if and when you dog attacks someone else. And you should probably consider training your dog to refrain from growling or biting.
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Unrerolor : "The pig officer shot my dog even though he was behind the fence"

Didn't happen. If you had a solid fence, the officer couldn't have seen where the dog was. And if you had a wire or chain link fence, there would be a danger the bullet would ricochet off it and hit you or the officer or someone else.

"I payed so much in medical bills"

You didn't pay squat. In another question you claim you're 15 years old. And your parents are responsible for the bite that THEIR dog inflicted on the neighbor's kid (if that really happened either:;_ylt=AiFrE8Cxh0EXcVjNX_RRVYvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130618163012AARF0KW )
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wiesaddlibe : About two weeks ago my fiancé was verbally reprimanded because she "uses the restroom frequently" yet her boss knows that she has medical reasons as to why she uses it often. Well, today she was fired from her job and all they told her was that she was not meeting the job expectation. That is it. There is more information that she knows that I don't, or can't remember at this time. But with that alone does anyone think we should be looking into a lawyer? We live in Los Angeles if that makes a difference. Advice is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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FLestesWP : David, while it's unfair and not nice at all, I suspect they literally can fire her for going to the bathroom too often because her medical condition requires it.

Unless her medical condition is considered a disability, she's not in a protected class and might lose a law suit.

While I can't say I approve of the business's actions (and lack of tolerance and understanding), from their viewpoint they could be getting rid of someone who is not giving them 8 hours a day but 7.5 because of her needs.

That said, I'm not a lawyer. You can usually talk to one on the phone, explaining the situation and asking if you have a case, for no charge. I'd seek on who advertises that s/he specializes in employment or labor law.
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abyy1319 : I rented a room from another student who's family it turns out to have corrupt ties with that management and that building is used for other corrupt activities I think maybe something related to drug dealings.
One week before I moved out because I felt things were not right, I heard someone trying to break in so I called the police who sent out a helicopter and two armed policemen into the building.
This freaked out the managers and after that they've been targeting me, saying if you don't return those keys:
1-We will go after you with police for having access to private property
2-We will sue you for advertising (I found him a roommate briefly but quickly turned him away after I felt they were corrupt
3-For breaking and entering, I left that property on June 3oth and never returned.
Then he said if you want your deposit, you need to come into the building and give the keys back'
Only YOU are authorized to come.
I asked can I have policemen with me (just to see what he said)
And he freaked out a little and wrote: What police No..that would be bad ...for the building
Then I said Why?
He said Look, you made a Disaster the other day (the day the police sent out that helicopter) you need to return the keys very soon, don't make things worse...
And it's so confusing because it's like why do I need to go INTO that building to give the keys so they can have me entering the property and sue me
Because right now they have no contract from me, no signature, nothing! I am the only one who has My roommates signature awcknoledging that he received my payments

I don't feel safe and am thinking of just going to a lawyer, but would that put me in danger, since these criminals are so edgy about me..
Or should I just forget about my deposit.
I really feel unsafe and dropped out of school for this term since that building is so close to school
and I went to the police and did a report because my roommate has also been sending me ambiguous warnings about not going to the building and also threats like if you don't do what they say I wash my hands...
What should I do now? help??
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ChemeWhibre : I would suggest going to small claims court to file for your deposit back and also any other financial burdens put on you because being forced to move out.. As far as the keys are concern just mail them to the manager by way of the USPS certified registrar Mail restricted delivery. Making sure the Manager himself has to sign for it only. If he doesn't sign it than when you get it return to you just bring it to court saying you felt it was safer all the way around by mailing it this way. Other than that just ask to have a police officer accompany you to the office because you feel threatened by the management. If you go to small claims make sure you bring any emails, voice messages they have left and witnesses to their threats. Once that is done file with the BBB or even better the City housing dept who usually oversee poor or unsafe housing complexes.
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caubocaibia : I think you need a therapist more than you need court or a lawyer.

This is a convoluted story. I don't know if there was really "corrupt activities" and you clearly didn't witness anything tangible or you wouldn't "think maybe" it has something to do with drug activities. It either did or it didn't. If you didn't actually see anything then I find myself wondering why you got all dramatic about it as you were moving out. You sound more than a little paranoid.

I don't think it is unusual for a building manager to not want the police in the building. Of course this would be bad for the building. And for you to ask why seems to indicate you are either very naïve or there is something else going on. (Police presence at an apartment building is documented and is available to the public. Responsible tenants will check police reports before renting an apartment and will not rent a place that is the subject of police calls.)

What I think you should do is to forget about your deposit. You blew your shot at getting it back when you moved out and didn't find a new roommate.

You also need to stop bothering the police with nonsense. "Ambiguous warnings" is an overly dramatic way of trying to convince people that you feel threatened by things a reasonable person does not find threatening. Leave the people who live in the building alone and they will leave you alone.
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WUdanuta : Would you give the death penalty to a guy who killed 50 people because he felt like it? Would you give the death penalty if you killed the prime minister or kidnapped the queen? Or...what can you think off? And do they deserve the death penalty?
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