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Seillaclark :

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srfecti644 : I went to an opthamologist yesterday. I was working in my house and accidentally flipped a small piece of wood in my eye. The doctor spent all of 4 minutes with me. He looked at my eye with a bright white light, said I scratched it, gave me some drops and said I would be healed up by the next day. The next morning I woke up in pain and with blurred vision. I called the doctor's office but they wanted MORE money for a follow up! I went to an optometrist who put some dye in my eye and looked at it with a black light, he lifted my eye lid and basically did a much more thorough exam. He put a bandage/contact lens on my eye and said I would heal in FIVE days. I feel like the first guy rushed though and didn't do everything he could during the FIRST visit to ensure quick healing. Also, the second doctor scheduled a follow up exam the next day... INCLUDED in my initial office visit charge. I feel like I wasted $150 going to him to start with. Should I contact his office and ask them to credit my credit card? Have any of you heard of a doctor's office being willing to do something like that? Had I continued under his advice, my eye would still be blurry, red, crying, and painful.
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Sopmduozlhi : you could call your credit card company and file a complaint

ask them their policy for getting sub-standard service from amateurs who dare call themselves professional?!

if they will allow a refund, you can always pay the guy what you think his time was worth if anything....

also, you may wish to get the 2nd doctor to put it in writing what was wrong with the first treatment, make a copy, and either go in person or send a letter , with a copy of the dr's letter, demanding a full or partial refund, your choice

best wishes
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vxperhapslh : You can always ask, but it would help if you talked to the 2nd doctor and told them what the 1st guy did and said and see what they have to say about it. It certainly is possible for an injury not to show up right away, but you'll need to ask your doctor about the type of injury you had and what he thinks of what the 1st guy did.
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rdrpxlnlne : no, you aren't entitled to a refund. the dr treated you and it was your choice to go to that dr.
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gfrankp : Am I entitled to refund?

NO Doctors like Lawyers PRACTICE their respective arts and they get paid live or die win or lose.
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Carmaautoto : One person told me he left me a will but I'm not sure where to go to find it and its like I don't know him that well like where he lives and who his lawyer is or kin folk and he is outa state also their is another guy who died and he owed me a lot of money how do I seek a probate lawyer to contest his well can I hire from out of state or does he have to be a resident of that state?
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jtopwarezv : If you were left in someones will then their executor is required to notify you. But you can always talk to a probate lawyer in your area and see what they say. You might be able to get a free consultation.
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maxussynk : Alright, back in 2009, me and some of my family were in a car accident that wasnt our fault, and well, we sued of course. In 2011, we had our hearing and the lawyer made his case and we were awarded a pretty substantial amount of money. I mean a lot. We've already signed the release forms and everything, and the insurance company we sued had raised enough money to hand over, but we have yet to recieve anything. It's been two years, and is that normal? Should it have been that long? And do I have to wait any longer? What's going on?
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intesyreony : they may have notified the court that they are appealing.
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