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camarok :

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aqfcdnh631 : You need to be mentally tough. Law school is designed to weed out smart people who are lazy.

You must be willing to put in the time - roughly 80 hours per week of studying for your first year. Your second and third year are not as demanding. But after you graduate you must study for the bar and that requires 80 hours per week of comprehensive review.

This whole time you will be graded against your classmates. It doesn't matter if you get 90 out of 100 questions correct on the exam. If all your classmates get 91+ correct then you will fail.

If you manage to graduate in the top 5% of your class you will get a good job that requires you to work... you guessed it... 80 hours per week.

Anything below top 5% is a crapshoot unless you go to a top 5 law school in which case the name alone will get you a job.
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FriendJames : I made a stupid decision today and stole a pair of $12 shoes from the mall. The security guy of the store saw me on camera and took me to the back office.
A cop came & wrote up a citation. I have to go to court in a month.
I'm 20. Never been charged or convicted of anything before. I've never had trouble with the law. And they told me I was cooperative which they'll take into account.
My question is what do I do now? Do I get a lawyer? Could I be going to jail?
I know what I did was stupid and I really regret it. I just want to avoid going to jail or having a criminal record.
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dymnemberetub : But you regret it because you got caught, not because youre a better person than that. So someday, when you think you wont get caught, you'll try something like that again.
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Objedribe : umm I don't think you will go to jail
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RarKapMavania : Ask the store if they will allow you to pay for the shoes. Go see the DA and explain that you were an idiot and see if, given your history if you can just pay for the shoes. Be nice. They have your future in their hands.
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KallIlliccala : i don't think you will go to jail for $12 you will just pay a fine i think you shouldn't get a lawyer because there isn't any way to defend you its kinda obvious i mean what would they say when the footage was showed
.........aaaaaaa.....................he didn't do it.
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Soansiodo : You don't want to go to jail or have a criminal record. To late for that. You probably won't go to jail. More than likely you will have a fine, probation, and banned from going to that mall or chain of stores. Being over 18 you probably will get a misdemeanor charge on your record.
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enurmouse : Improve sneak! Join the thieves guild to get that bounty payed off. Look for Armand Christophe in the Waterfront District in the Garden of the Dareloth at around 12 am.
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hiegululnenny : Show the same attitude in court you have here. Sorry, but this will be on your record. It won't destroy your future, though. You won't go to jail if this is your first time. A fine, probation, or community service, most likely. You sound like a really good person who just made a silly decision. Happens to us all. God bless you and keep you.
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