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loupleree : My husband and I have been married for 8 years now. My son is biological father lives here in TX. Can someone direct me or advice me advice on how we can proceed with this issue. Here where I live is a corrupted state. I have been trying to get paper trails on his irresponsible father but cops don't want to make reports. To make the story short, I am not the only person going through this issue here with cops all the people here know cops wont do anything no matter what problem it is. People literally take law into there own hands. It is my least concern right now. I want to fix the issue with my son, not the issue with the cops. I have been been dealing with this issue for 11 years. It is a long story, but I will start off with some issues. His biological father is never there for for him at home he works a lot, but while he is at work he leaves him with his wife and she mistreats him and instigates arguments with the other children and my son. They all gain up on him and bully him. He calls me crying I have repeatly told him not to go if he does not want to be mistreated but he just does not listen to me because he wants to be with there. It is something I have not understand till today how he can be at a place were they are mistreating him. It is obviously that this lady or women he is married to is evil. I can't proof it but only my son can, back then his story did not matter because of his age, now he is 11 going to be 12 in November. Nothing was ever done before because like I said cops here are corrupted, they don't want to give anyone reports. When he is at his dad house they do not provide him clothes they give him sizes that don't fit him that belong to kids younger than him. Their are more personals things that have happened due to my sons stepmother and biological father negligence and CPS got involved and case was closed due to the parents lying to CPS. Oh and not to mention CPS is corrupted as well. I heard about issues with them in the news a couple of years ago that TX is not the only state where CPS is corrupted. I just want to know what I Can do so my husband can get full custody of my son. We want nothing with his biological dad.

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RussianTiger : If you want any kind of reasonable answer you need to rewrite in a concise coherent manner. That means eliminating about 3/4 of the stuff. You say "to make the story short" and then make it REALLY long and confusing.
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wd69irnuwb : Well, in one way or another, it sounds like you are going to have to turn to an authority that you see as corrupt for the solution to your problems.First, I would suggest contacting a lawyer in your area so he can give you specifics about Texas laws in this matter, as it seems to do things a lot different than other states. Secondly, its not that you are aiming to get your husband custody of your son as much as you are trying to get the biological's custody of your son taken away.

Not including what you may be advised to do by the attorney, you have a few options here:

Go to court for a custody hearing and have your son testify that he is in a negative situation and does not want to live there anymore, and instead wants to live solely at your house. This option is all contingent on whether or not he is old enough for Texas to recognize him as able to make that call for himself.

Call CPS on that household for a LEGITIMATE case of abuse or neglect, then use their findings in court as proof that the biological father is not fit for custody of your son.

From there, you can then proceed to give custody of your son to your husband.
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Pawwrercesata : You would need to talk to a lawyer and see what options you have. Some of your options will depend on what the current court order says (if there is one), which you don't say. You say your son calls you because he is mistreated, but he still wants to go there. If he is old enough in Texas to get a say in custody matters, if he tells that to the court he may still get/have to go there. My first recommendation is to start keeping a list of all the things that happens at the fathers house and when they happened. That way when (if) you go to court you are prepared to show why you should have full custody.
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xmentalistem : I was recently attacked my by ex fiancé. I'll pass on all of the life advice. I've been working with the DA to keep this piece of shit in jail. And I've got his bond increased from $25,000 to $100,000 in a matter of a week.

He was on a GPS ankle monitor for violating a no contact order with an ex girlfriend (long story). He took off his monitor once and the GPS office called him in. He told them he hasn't taken it off as he had put it back on when they called. They just replaced his monitor and let him go.

We were headed towards an argument one night so I left his house in confidence that he would be at home. I planned to return later that night. He was not to be out on a Sunday and that's the day this occurred. He showed up at my house and revealed he had no monitor on.

I was severely beaten on the left side of my face and I was choked to the point of unconsciousness. He left me there to bleed to death. My injuries resulted in me having reconstructive surgery and having 3 titanium plates placed in my skull. They were unable to place the fourth because my cheekbone was so shattered it would have just crumbled. On top of me being 15 weeks pregnant. 12 at the time.

I called his monitor office while in the ER to inform them and let them know he had an active warrant. They claimed they received no alert he had taken it off.

Again, no life lessons please. I'm doing what I need to to ensure justice is served.

If the county was not negligent the first time he took off his ankle monitor, he wouldn't have been able to take it off again and I would have no almost lost my life that day.

I would like to know what kind of lawyer I should get to pursue this. If he can take it off, imagine the rapists and child molestors on a monitor that have been taking it off.
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Agreerwer : I would be very surprised if you get any traction on this

basic point is noone can be held responsible for the criminal acts of others

just think of the failure of govt and police and parole boards all across the world

the floodgates would never close

anyway, you are simply looking for a lawyer who specialises in negligence but if they are worth their salt, they will advise you to move on with your life

sorry cr$p things happen

hope life sends some good stuff your way sooner rather than later
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neothnedCor : It is unlikely that you are going to have a basis for a lawsuit. If your county has any type of victim fund, you can try to seek compensation from that source.

The county is not responsible for protecting you. He had a monitor. It is a violation of the law for him to remove that monitor. Equipment isn't always 100% reliable. He is responsible for his own criminal conduct.

Even if he had been in jail and had been accidentally released, you still wouldn't have a basis for a lawsuit. (Suing the government for something the government does deliberately to you is hard enough. But suing the government because they failed to prevent a third party from doing something to you just isn't viable.)

And if serving justice is your goal, filing a lawsuit wouldn't be the way to achieve this. The criminal justice system in your county already doesn't have enough money, personnel and equipment to do the job that needs to be done. Forcing them to go into litigation would take money away from those endeavors.
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likelucyru : Try to find an experienced State Legislator with a Law Degree. A good Divorce Lawyer might also have some angles, as the violence of which you speak is no doubt often cited as Grounds.
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MeggansFK : I need to know if a man named Maurice Lane is a High Court of justice lawyer in Accra Ghana
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clilyq : yes
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